Ghostbound – All is Phantom

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Ghostbound – All is Phantom
Released: June 1st, 2018 / ATMF / A Sad Sadness
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I was originally asked to check out this band Ghostbound for review only if I felt that they were actually metal enough for the site. Or metal enough in general. After my first run through of this disc, I felt I was confident enough to scrap the review and in place focus my attention on a more deserving metal band.

As several of their tracks kept popping up in my MP3 mix, something I like to do after full listens to get a feel how a band’s music mixes with others in my road tracks. It started to get to me that I was not deeming Ghostbound metal enough to review. There are so many other well-known metal bands today that do not put out actual metal albums and they still get recognized by all the media sites. And they usually get praised for their music metal or not. So with that, I thought fuck it! I’m gonna do it.

For starters, this as an album in whole is really not too metal in nature. Described by the bands bio sheet: “Cinematic rock/metal with nods toward black metal, post-punk, 80s “big music” in the vein of Crowded House, The Waterboys, Big Country et al, in addition to ambient/atmospheric music, and the Singer/Songwriters of yesteryear contribute to shape e modern novel, where nihilism take a new deadly & seducing form. Fans of Anathema, Ved Buens Ende, Wovenhand, Agalloch, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Scott Walker, Talk Talk, and The Chameleons would do well to hear this.”

Their own description fits. I was thinking a sort of Opeth meets David Bowie who throws vocals at a few tracks with a backing band who have an understanding of heavy metal. A few parts are actually pretty fast beat wise and riff wise. Very ambient and new wave pop infused. This is one of those that you may love or hate. I just felt they deserve a shot as there are nods towards the heavy.

1. The Gallivanter
2. The Wildest of Rivers
3. Earthen Ground
4. (I Will) Keep My Dreams Inside
5. Intermezzo
6. Tidings
7. Night Time Drowning
8. It Goes Away
9. Roof And Wall
10. Goodbye

Alec A. Head – Voices, Guitars, Atmospherics
Noah Shaul – Bass
Talha Alvie – Guitars