Flame Acausal – Contra Mundum in Aeternum

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Reviewed: June, 2018
Released: 2018, Blood Harvest RecordsHelter Skelter Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook


To Sweden we head again, home of IKEA, Lingonberries, and lots of Metal-type-things apparently, but unlike a piece of furniture from the aforementioned store, this little number won’t take up much of your life. Flame Acausal bring us their debut EP, and all in all it is not such a bad thing to behold, well, listen to if you like.

15 odd minutes of somewhat old school sounding Blackened Death Metal, with a production value that leans more towards the raw side of things, exactly how a band like this would like it. A little bit of atmosphere thrown in on a track or two to build the suspense. Evil at heart, short as far as things go but not without a certain charm. You’ve heard this kind of thing before, but having said that, if you are a fan of this kind of thing then it goes without saying that you will like it.

Any band that has a member named Jaded Vulture also has my full attention. Each member is doing their duty to sound as evil as all fuck, and also their best to stay true to their roots, or inspiration for want of a better word. Maybe early Possessed can creep into the mix, maybe a bit of anything you choose. Not bad at all for a first crack at the title. I’d personally like to see what more they have to offer, but they are well on the path, even if it is, as they say, a left-handed one.

Well worth the time; after all, if you don’t like it, it’s only fifteen minutes of your life gone. No highlights this time, you will get the idea and either run with it or just run away. Have a listen, see what you think.


1. Inwards Damnation
2. Shunned Wolves
3. Thus I Invoke Thee
4. Cruel and Implacable


James Havoc – Vocals
Kommendant – Guitars
Jaded Vulture – Drums



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