Doll, Susan & Morrow, David – Dimebag Darrell-He Came To Rock!

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Authors:  Doll, Susan  & Morrow, David
Title: Dimebag Darrell-He Came To Rock!
Publisher:  BVR/ Fontana
Published: 2008
Reviewed: June, 2018
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s no secret that I’m not a big Pantera fan. I don’t hate them, don’t love ‘em, I just think they were over-rated. I’ve never joined the cult of Diamond Darrell but I can certainly, intellectually see why so many fans have worshipped him. It doesn’t seem like 10 years ago that he was murdered but I thought this was as good a time as any to note his passing and his influence with a book review.

Shortly after he was killed, Susan Doll and David Morrow, in conjunction with the Abbott estate, co-wrote a book, as a tribute to Darrell Abbot. HE CAME TO ROCK is a really gorgeous, mid-sized, soft-cover, coffee-table book, that is 188 pages long.  It originally came with a DVD when I bought this used the DVD was long gone.   The book sort of looks a bit cheap…kind of like those time Life magazines you see at the grocery stores in North America but it is nice enough.

The book is more of an illustrated history, loaded with photos and quotes, it looks like a magazine…very visually compelling. It follows his life and career until his tragic end.  There must be hundreds of cool rare photos from the Abbot Estate, all the way back to when he was a kid.  DaryllThere are many side-bars talking about his life, his style, his friends, quotes and more. This is a full-on love-in, little to no negativity; this is a celebration, not a critical look at his life and in more cases than one a little exaggeration.   There are lots of neat little stories like how he got his unique purple goatee look, his relationship with Dean guitars, his writing for guitar magazines and many, many more anecdotes.

There is not a huge amount of substance to this flattering book that puts him on a pedestal, but perhaps it is deserved.  His friendliness and generosity were legendary. My own brief interaction with Darrell was a curious one.  I interview him a few weeks before he died and I gave him a gift.  He immediately re-gifted it to someone else right in front of me.  My initial reaction was a bit negative; I was a bit shocked he would do that, but I quickly realized he wanted to give my present to a close friend of his who would really appreciate it.  To me that showed his kindness and selflessness.

HE CAME TO ROCK is a fitting title and a fine tribute to one of the last great true all-American guitar gods.