Interview with Lorde Heathen of Zimmers Hole

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Interview with Lorde Heathen of Zimmers Hole.

by JP


In this age of political correctness and a flurry of snowflakes, do you feel the spirit of Zimmers Hole is needed more than ever?  

The spirit of Zimmers Hole is at its very core one of returning balance . The present state of the human condition is as soft as baby shit ! Like a pendulum it must swing back and we are but agents of this inevitable equilibrium .The weak will fall and the strong will rise .

Tell me about the reissue campaign.  The first album BOUND BY FIRE is pretty hard to find!

Century Media pretty much ass fucked us ,did little and took all.  Sony purchased Century media and was gracious enough to license our masters back to us for a small fee.  With the material back in our hands we just moved forward where Century Media completely dropped the ball .


Why did you decide toward with JJ and Scrape Records?  I mean, have you seen the guy?  It is based in Vancouver?  Is that even a place anymore? 

JJ has been a cornerstone in the pacific northwest metal scene for years ,his beginnings as a tape trader and general champion for all things Metal made him an obvious choice for this campaign . We wanted to work with someone we could trust and at the same time foster the growth of an independent .

I understand your collaboration with Scrape has got one of those ‘send me your money’ campaigns going with all sorts of cool, are, elite, super-mega awesome swag and stuff on the website.  It all looks really good but how can you guarantee that if I pre-order stuff, you guys won’t spend all my hard earned dollars on hookers ‘n’ blow? 

Well naturally we are going to spend your money on hookers ,blow,ale, chronic and a troupe of midget clowns .We have already sold our souls and have an inventory of everything that we’re pushing . The faithful will receive their due communion .

Do you guys ever keep in touch with Devin?  Now that he is a national award winning, prog rocker and media darling, will he ever come down from his cloudy throne in the sky and get his mind dirty and work with guys again? 

Dev has been a friend for many years, we see him a couple times a year .He has a good thing going , but he is and will always just be Dev the monkey man with bad teeth ( have you seen that Steve Vai video?) .We would love it if he dusted off his producer hand for the upcoming record .

Tell me EXACTLY, to the number, how albums you have sold.   I’m just sort of assuming about…. 1 billion?  

That is a hard number to pin down ,our first German record label was a shady operation and sold plenty of copies without any paper trail , I saw the albums in lots of European outlets at that time.  Our second German label did alot for us ,but again not so good in the book keeping department . Century Media moved plenty but ending up dropping us (but retained ownership of the material and continued to sell copies)  they were under no obligation to report sales numbers.  So a conservative estimate would be about 6.66 million albums .

Give me the Top Three reasons why the new ZH reunion is better than Gwar, Green Jello, Baby Metal and Led Zeppelin all combined? 




Need I say more?

Can you give us disciples a sneak preview of the upcoming 4th album?  An album title, song titles?  Any cool cover tunes, medleys, guest stars, parody songs, Japanese acoustic bonus tracks?   When will it hit the street?  


One last question, one maybe a bit more a serious note…more of a statement…it must be really fun to  get back with the boys and have some laughs and make some music. Any plans to tour?  What does 2018/2019 hold for ZH?

Getting back to business is our duty ,our calling and an honour!!! We will bring our gospel to the masses worldwide and are actively putting the finishing touches on the new record ,be ready for the return of The high Lordes of steel ,the commanders of the electric wind and true creators of all will…….now go eat a Speed Metal sandwich.

Lorde Heathen