Czech band SEBASTIEN announces fourth official video from their actual album “Act Of Creation”

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SEBASTIEN introduce a ballad with Czech lyrics for the very first time! A guitar player, Andy Mons, composed the song „V síti štěstí“ for his wife and played this song together with a singer, George Rain, as his Wedding day´s suprise for a bride.

The video was created by Tomáš Vít and KRIDEO Production again.

SEBASTIEN released also these official videos for their new album – „Winner” ( ), a duet with Mayo Petranin (SIGNUM REGIS) with really modern sound, than a power metal ride “Die In Me” ( ) with Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND) and melodically infectious song “Amy”, this song has more than 1 million views on YouTube per less than 3 months!

Fans can find the “Act Of Creation” album, as well as 2 older CDs and complette merchandise on the official Sebastien´s e-shop (

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