Mustasch co-headline with Hardcore Superstar – support act Entombed A.D on Tour De Saster CO headline Tour 2018 Slagthuset Malmoe, Sweden

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Hardcore Superstar
Entombed A.D – special guest

Tour De Saster CO headline Tour 2018
Slagthuset, Malmo, Sweden
23/3 – 2018

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Two of the biggest Swedish metal bands, Mustasch and Hardcore Superstar, teamed up earlier this spring with Entombed A.D and headed out on a tour called Tour De Saster. The tour (in this form) made a few stops in Sweden; on the rest of the stops there are additional support acts added. What a brilliant line-up! Mustasch haven’t released an album since the 2015’s TESTOSTERONE, however they’ve released three singles (“Lawbreaker”, “Fire” and “Winners””. At the beginning of April 2018, new studio album SILENT KILLER was unveiled and fans all over the world cheered. The latest HCSS album was also released 2015 (HCSS), but contrary to Mustasch, HCSS been out touring Europe with Michael Monroe and Fozzy. YOU CAN’T KILL MY ROCK N’ ROLL is the name of the band’s new album from which the three singles (“Bring the House Down”, “Electric Rider” and “Have Mercy On Me”) were taken. The latest album from Entombed A.D came out in 2016 (DEAD DAWN) and LG Petrov and crew are touring on as heavily as ever. The latest edition to the band is new guitarist Guilherme Miranda who joined in 2015.

The venue chosen for the show was Slagthuset, located a 10 minute walk from the train station. The venue has struggled with bankruptcy threats due to the loss of permission to sell alcohol. While waiting for the next owner to take over, the scheduled shows were still on and luckily, Tour De Saster could hit the stage. I’ve never visited Slagthuset to see a metal show before so I was pretty excited to see how that would turn out. Between 6 or 7pm, Mustasch and HCSS held a signing session downtown at the Shock store while the doors to the venue opened at 6 and at 7.30 the first band was going to start. The entire night was going to end at midnight.

Even though we were at the end of March, winter held Sweden in a solid grip and it was pretty cold while I waited outside the Shock store to get my stuff signed. Not many fans were there and a few minutes after scheduled time the members sat down and began to sign. The session wasn’t well organized and lacked functional pens. It hadn’t been publicised well either so next time please do better, Shock. HCSS drummer Adde joined in a little late and Mustach drummer Bäck was ill so didn’t attending. 20 minutes later the session was over and the members headed towards the venue. The session was supposed to last for an hour, however due to the lack of fans it ended after 20 minutes. Even though the session wasn’t much to brag about, all credit to both bands for doing it and not charging fans for a meet and greet.

Well, at Slagthuset I got my pass and walked into the venue. The show was held in a big hall with the stage in one corner of the room and it was only to wait for the show to start. The stage was pretty big and to my luck, there was also a photo pit. Before you got into the grand hall you had to pass a smaller room where the merchandise was sold, and right away, there was Mustasch singer Gyllenhammar sitting, signing and chatting with fans.

Entombed A.D.

The first song out for the night was “Midas in Reverse”. The last one out on stage was singer LG Petrov and he’s only got one level: full speed ahead. That’s always been the case and was certainly so tonight. “Stranger Aeons” followed and the song really woke up the crowd. Everyone in the band moved around on stage; the line up is:

L.G. Petrov – lead vocals
Olle Dahlstedt – drums
Nico Elgstrand – guitar
Victor Brant – bass
Guilherme Miranda – guitar

Petrov thanked the fans and asked how everyone was doing; he looked happy and thanked everyone for coming. “Second to None” followed and maybe one can think that Entombed A.D maybe doesn’t fit in musically with the rest of the tour package but that didn’t bother either the band or their fans. It was the hardcore fans at the front of the stage that, together with the band, kept the momentum going as Petrov had the fans shouting “hey, hey”. It was pretty crowded which made it difficult to get out of the photo pit but as I left it was time for “Living Dead”. I have to say that the band’s music was upgraded with a second guitarist. Their heavy and furious music deserves another guitarist to give it justice, making it a smart move to add Miranda. The band has also gone back to play their patented old school Swedish death metal which feels really good. I was a fan of the death n’ roll the band played for a while but in my opinion Entombed should be playing old school Swedish death metal and I embrace the band’s new album with open arms.

Petrov had the crowd scream for him louder and louder after which he fired off “Dead Dawn” which was instantly followed by “Out of Hand” as the band pulled out a few old Entombed classics. Petrov was just as charismatic and energetic a front man as ever and it felt great to see Petrov live in action again. The rest of the band members were just as solid and together delivered a rock solid show. Petrov said that everyone in the venue was here with the common interest in beer, heavy metal and sweat and laughed. He’s a very entertaining front man and always treats the fans with jokes and this night was no exception. The epic “Revel in Flesh” was followed by the iconic “To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth”; the songs totally lit up the crowd. Petrov wanted to see the fans raise their hands in the air and said that coming up later was Mustasch and HCSS. “Have a nice night everyone and thank you once again for the support”, Petrov said. “Come on Malmo, and keep the spirit up in our last two songs.” The stage filled up with smoke as “Wolverine Blues” was played which is one of my personal favorite songs. The night closed with “Left Hand Path”, which Petrov introduced by saying that everyone probably knew this song.  It was the perfect way to end the amazing show and I think that all of the fans were happy to hear the song live. During the song Petrov took pics of the crowd with his smart phone and when the show was over the band had been on stage for 45 minutes.

And what an epic 45 minutes it was, the set list was flawless and the band was fierce. It felt like the guys really had a good time together and it was fun to see them live again and to hear some of the old classic tunes that defined my youth. The show was jammed with raw energy, epic tracks, and an amazing Petrov as the band left nothing more to wish for. However the experience was a little dragged down because of the poor lighting but that was out of the band’s control. Entombed A.D really set the bar and standard for how old school Swedish death metal should be played. I really hope the feud over the band’s name will come to an end soon. Later this year the band is releasing a new album, I can’t wait!

Set list Note: set-list not in order I may have missed one or two songs

Midas In Reverse
Stranger Aeons
Second To None
Living Dead
Dead Dawn
Out Of Hand
Revel In Flesh
To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
Wolverine Blues
Left Hand Path

It was time for a gear change. The drums were placed in front of a big backdrop and on each side of the stage above the speakers two crosses were hung. People started to arrive and it was pretty packed with people in front of the stage. It’s always a blast seeing HCSS live because you never know what you’re going to get and they always manage to surprise you with their set lists. It took quite a while to get the stage ready but after 45 minutes it was time for the first headline act to set Malmo on fire.

Hardcore Superstar

As usual the intro music was “This Worm’s For Ennio”, which is the opening track on the 2009 album BEG FOR IT. As soon the band members showed up, the crowd screamed and went even more crazy when they heard the first song, “Sadistic Girls”. As always when it comes to HCSS it was full speed ahead from the very start and singer Berg leaped across the stage in order to get the crowd going. It’s really hard to get pictures of Berg because he never stays still. “Electric Rider” followed instantly and confetti squirted out from each side of the stage. Even though the song is new, the crowd sang along and supported the band with cheers. It sounded really promising to say the least. Not just one confetti rain was enough, so two more showered the crowd and it looked really cool. Berg said the band had missed performing in Malmo and looked really satisfied when the fans shouted back at him. “It’s time for an older tune”, he said and “Dreamin’ in a Casket” followed. Personally I think the song is one of the most boring the band’s ever made but I guess there are people out there that actually like it. Berg jumped down into the photo pit and the fans went crazy when he got so close to them. The stage was pretty low so it was no problem for Berg to jump up and down into the pit. As always the band members are:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Martin Sandvik – bass
Vic Zino – guitar
Adde – drums

Fans barely had time to catch their breath until it was time for “My Good Reputation” which made the venue burst. In the middle of the song the band froze for a minute listening to the roar of the fans until they continued to play. When I got out from the pit I realized that there were quite a lot of people in the venue this night, how many I don’t know but a lot. Berg thanked the good looking fans of Malmo saying the band missed meeting the fans. “As you know, we have a connection to Malmo in guitarist Vic (who is from Malmo)”, said Berg. He and Zino joked around a bit with each other and Berg said he wanted to see everybody’s hands in the air, as they started “Touch the Sky”. The stage was covered with smoke as the song kicked off and Berg had the fans scream at his command.

Even though I have seen the band live numerous times, I’m always struck by how professional they are. They always seem to have a good time on stage and it feels like they love what they do. The band’s crazy energy always rubs off on the crowd and those elements create the perfect show. Berg wanted the fans to scream for him and it was time for the epic “Wild Boys”. The fans sang along straight away; the band’s sleaze/metal music always impresses me. The fans sang the chorus really loudly and Berg was happy with the response he got. Adde jumped down from his drums and switched places with Berg. “OK Adde, wrong man in the right place”, Berg asked and the band finished the song with Berg on drums and Adde standing at the front of the stage. The guys then switched back and Berg said, “What do you say Vic, are we bigger than Zlatan (Ibrahimovic, famous soccer player from Malmo)”?

The night continued with “Liberation” which felt like a surprise of a song. When they play it they used to do it acoustically but not this time. The song is a grand classic taken from the BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA album. The band isn’t keen on playing songs from their first three albums but now and then it happens. Adde pounded with his bass drum and Berg said that, “One thing I learnt in school was that if you hear a bass drum you should clap your hands to the beat”. Said and done, the fans clapped their hands and the next song up was “Last Call For Alcohol” in which the band did the usual by bringing up people from the crowd to sing along on stage. Two roadies brought out a bar on stage and Berg jumped down in the pit pointing at people who wanted to come up on stage. The fans on the stage gathered around the bar cheering with the band and the rest of the crowd with what appeared to be Jaegermeister short, which Berg also handed out into the crowd. The band and the fans all cheered together and after another rain of confetti the song continued. Berg thanked all the fans on stage as well as the rest of the crowd.

Berg said it was time for a song that “wasn’t supporting the communist party at all, he didn’t know where those rumors came from, we like heavy metal and think everyone is equal, help me scream Malmo, here is “Bring the House Down”. It’s the second single taken from the new album and also sounded really good. During each chorus confetti rained down on the crowd. Adde said good bye and left stage and when I looked at my clock, I saw the guys had only been on stage for 50 minutes. The stage immediately filled up with smoke and the band once again came out on stage firing off “Have Mercy on Me”, the first single from the new album. There are few bands that are as solid as HCSS live and even on a bad day the band really puts on a great show. “Do you see the crosses on stage”, Berg said, “they are the wrong way, should we turn them upside down?” Everyone looked at the crosses that turned themselves upside down and Berg then continued the song. “OK Malmo, you probably know the next song”, Sandvik and Adde kicked off the song which was “Moonshine”,  setting the fans on fire. The temperature was really hot inside the venue now and it didn’t get any cooler when “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” followed. The crowd once again sang the chorus with Berg and the crosses started to rotate. Berg wanted to see everyone clap their hands and when the song was over he thanked the fans as the band once again walked off the stage. They shortly returned again, asking if the crowd wanted to hear one more song, Berg wasn’t satisfied with the volume of the fans’ “yes” and urged them to scream louder. The last encore for HCSS this night was “Above the Law”, a song the fans greeted with open arms. Berg once again jumped back into the photo pit and while they were playing two roadies started to take down the bands gear on stage. Especially Adde’s drums were in danger and at the end of the show he only had about one drum left to hit and end the song with. The band took a selfie with the crowd and that ended the show. Altogether the show lasted for 75 minutes and what can I say but what it?!? As I wrote earlier, there’s hardly any band that can measure up with HCSS as a live act. The show was amazing and I had a really good time watching the guys. The only thing I had wished for was for them to delete the boring “Dreamin’ In a Casket” and to play more material from the first three albums. Otherwise the band once again showed why they are one of the best and strongest live acts in the world.

Set list
This Worm’s For Ennio
Sadistic Girls
Electric Rider
Dreamin’ In A Casket
My Good Reputation
Touch the Sky
Wild Boys
Last Call For Alcohol
Bring The House Down
Encore 1
Have Mercy On Me
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays
Encore 2
Above The Law

The majority of people, including me, moved over to either one of the bars as we waited for Mustasch to go on. I don’t know if the event was sold out but there were a lot of people and it felt like the place was nearly full. Instead of a backdrop, Mustasch put up a wall of video screens behind the drums, as well as two smaller screens on each side. There were boxes placed at the front of the stage that were also used by HCSS and as we all know, Mustasch front man Gyllenhammer likes to put his foot up on one box when he sings. I guess this big back line wouldn’t fit onto the stage at Kulturbolaget and that’s why they brought it with them to Slagthuset. The excitement was in the air as the time came closer for Mustasch to go on stage. Finally the clock was a little after 10.50 and it was time for the second and last headline act to do their thing.


The first single from the new album, “Lawbreaker”, opened the show and the fans greeted the band with open arms. Gyllenhammar thanked the fans and asked if they wanted to hear some heavy metal; “Well, you got it!”, he continued and fired off “Bring Me Everyone”. The crowd exploded when they heard the first notes of the song. It was bold of the band to fire off a classic tune so shortly into the show. Gyllenhammar let the fans sing the chorus and he seemed to be in a good mood. The line up consists of:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar
David Johannesson – guitar
Robban Bäck – drums
Stam Johansson – bass

“Heresy Blasphemy” followed and it was no doubt that Mustasch was long awaited among the Malmo fans. The fans were given no time to catch their breath since “Thank You For the Demon” followed straight away. It was time for me to head back to the floor from the photo pit; it was pretty crowded coming down to the floor, which was fun because it’s always nice to see so many people gathered to see heavy metal music. The video screens showed the band’s name during the show and the lights worked much better now compared to during Entombed A.D’s show. “Be ready everyone because now follows some more mother fucking heavy metal music, in the third single “Winners” from the new album”, Gyllenhammar said. The two smaller video screens showed the video to the song. As always when it comes to Mustasch, all of the members are solid musicians and know exactly what to do. The band has toured heavily over the years and has learned the hard way to take on a crowd. Johannesson and Bäck started the next song while Gyllenhammar urged the fans to clap their hands. The song was “Borderline” taken from 2014’s THANK YOU FOR THE DEMON.

The stage filled up with smoke and as Gyllenhammar played random chords, telling the crowd what he was doing, it turned into “Feared and Hated”. A white cross was now projected on the screens. Gyllenhammar had the crowd in the palm of his hands and when he started to sing the next song he let the fans take over as “Parasite” followed. It was fun to hear the song as it’s a personal favorite of mine. Since Bäck joined the band, it feels like their music has gotten heavier and turned from being stoner rock/hard rock to more stoner rock/heavy metal. Their material feels a lot heavier live compared to on album, which is a good thing. When original guitarist Hansson and drummer Mats Hansson were in the band the music felt groovier, today it feels heavier and more solid.

As Johannesson and Johansson positioned at the edge of each side of the stage, it all turned red and it was time for “Fire”. At the end of the song Gyllenhammar said, “We are the fire you mother fuckers!”, and the fans all screamed for him. Gyllenhammar thanked for the support and asked if the fans had a good time. “Good, that makes me feel good too”, he said. “Now it’s time for a song we normally doesn’t play live in “I Lied”. Let’s do some older material”, Gyllenhammar said, “We have been in the business for 20 years as a band now so let’s play “Homophobic/Alocoholic”. The stage lit up in red and the name of the songs were shown on the screens. It all together looked really cool. The song is truly an old one taken from the 2001’s EP, titled THE TRUE SOUND OF THE NEW WEST. The fans sang the middle part of the song alone accompanied by bass/drums and they sang it really loud. Gyllenhammar thanked for the support saying the fans were awesome. He then said it was time for a cover the band did of an old Swedish folk song from 1982 sung by one of Sweden’s most beloved singers that comes from the southern parts of Sweden outside Malmo. “The song is about a man that wants to take his dog with him to heaven when he dies and the band did a cover of it a few years ago as a fun thing. However the Mustasch fans loved the song that in the Mustasch version is titled “Hound From Hell” and sang with Gyllenhammar on the top of their lungs this night.

He asked if the fans were happy and satisfied, drunk and horny? “OK, now I want to hear every woman in the venue scream for me, and then all the guys”. When he heard a guy scream in the woman section he said, “Oh no, you’re not a girl!”, and laughed. He let the crowd scream a few times and then it was time for “Mine”. “Let’s sing the chorus together”, he said and toned down the music so the fans could take over the vocals. “I want to hear everyone sing along in the next song”, which was “Black City”. It felt like that song was the one many had been waiting for to hear as its one of their biggest hits (off of the RATSAFARI album from 2003). When the fans heard the intro music to “Double Nature” they exploded and the sing along reached another level. The epic tune is featured on LATEST VERSION OF THE TRUTH from 2007 and is another of the bands biggest hits. It’s synonymous with the band, they have to play it during every show. Johannesson threw a solo and he really impressed a lot; he and the rest of the band are skilled musicians and it feels safe to see them on stage. They never make a mistake and are rock solid for Gyllenhammar to rely on.

“OK, it’s a party going on tonight, let’s take another song, are you ready for it Malmo? I’m going to come out and sign all of your stuff after the show”, Gyllenhammar said and asked how many fans were from Lund (a town located 20 kilometers outside Malmo) tonight, and then asked how many were from all the smaller towns outside Malmo. “I have to admit that the soccer team from Malmo is the best one in Sweden.” It was a big confession for Gyllenhammar which is a hardcore soccer fan and comes from Gothenburg which is the resident city of a few of Sweden’s biggest soccer teams. “Down in Black” continued and everyone sang the chorus with Gyllenhammar. The song is one of my favorites and it’s always majestic to hear it live. “Do you want some more music?”, he asked, “OK here’s Robban on drums”. Everyone walked off and it was time for Bäck to throw a solo. He did a shorter solo where he showed he was a force to reckon with and that he really is a hard-hitting machine. The solo led up to the next song which was “I Hunt Alone”. The song is another one of the golden oldies by the band and is highly loved amongst fans. The band had the crowd in their hands as they began the final song and Gyllenhammar invited everyone one last time to sing along with him. He also said that he and the guys were going to come out and sign stuff for the fans. The band took off their instruments and thanked the fans one last time and out from the speakers came “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” by AC/DC. Together with Gyllenhammar the fans sang the AC/DC chorus together and that ended another 75 minute show by the second and final headline act.

The clock was not 10 minutes past midnight and it was time to head home and I had nothing even remotely negative to say. The set list was really good and left nothing to wish for, the members were all on fire and delivered such a solid show it was ridiculous. The new songs worked really well live and it felt like the fans took them to their hearts. Gyllenhammar is a great frontman and funny as well. Despite the fact the band hadn’t visited Malmo for a while the fans welcomed them with open arms and really gave the band all the support they wanted. When this review is online the bands new album SILENT KILLER is out and it’s worth checking out!

It was a great night to see two of the biggest metal bands in Sweden on the same bill. Slagthuset was a great place to host metal shows at, I hope that all goes well and someone takes over Slagthuset so it can be like it was before with shows. The only negative thing with the venue was that when it was time to fetch the jackets from the wardrobe the line was extremely long. To narrow down the line is something the organizers should take a closer look at. I’m really happy that I could be a part of this epic tour package and thanks to Live Nation Sweden and Kulturbolaget that brought the tour to Malmo


Set list
Bring Me Everyone
Heresy Blasphemy
Thank You For The Demon
Feared And Hated
I Lied
Hounds Of Hell (cover)
Black City
Double Nature
Down In Black
Drum solo
I Hunt Alone
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) outro

Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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