Saxon – Paul Quinn

Interview with Saxon guitarist Paul Quinn

Conducted by Robert Williams
Saxon photos courtesy of Michael Podrybau

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing legendary Saxon vocalist Biff Byford priorly three times in the past. When I received an email from the band’s publicist about speaking with one of my all time favorite NWOBHM bands again; this time I requested to speak with founding guitarist Paul Quinn (Actually, I had requested speaking with him in the past too but for whatever reason our schedules must not have aligned at that time). Day of show and I receive a call from the band’s manager about doing an on-site interview with Paul. Luckily, I had already requested to leave my day job early that day and had secured a ride to San Antonio and back. Still, it seemed like a pretty tall order making it to the coliseum early and getting any kind of audio equipment cleared through security in a timely fashion. Thankfully there was metal magic in the air, tickets and a photo pass were waiting at box office will call and I only needed one security guard to clear my credentials and escort me to the Saxon bus where my interview with the one and only Paul Quinn awaited.  Usually I confirm interviews weeks out and have some idea going in what will be discussed. This interview was so sudden that I felt a conversational approach was the only way to fly and so this special off the cuff chat with one of the all time greats begins…


Saxon always bring their special brand of “Heavy Metal Thunder” to San Antonio. The fans here in San Antonio grew up listening to Saxon, due in no small part to famed DJ “The Godfather” Joe Anthony. With so many fond memories of having seen the band perform headlining sets to 5,000 plus capacity crowds at their outdoor shows here in San Antonio it was a very proud moment to see them open for Judas Priest at the Freeman Coliseum which can hold 11,700 fans. I’m told that this show was sold out!

Judas Priest were up next. I had seen the band back in the day with the classic “Painkiller” lineup and even with Faulkner but never without Glenn Tipton. Going in I knew in my metal heart of hearts that tonight wouldn’t go down as my all-time favorite Judas Priest concert moment but I have to admit I still had a very, very good time and Rob Halford even mentioned “The Godfather” Joe Anthony and his lasting impact on heavy metal’s popularity in the Alamo city and then announced that they would be performing “Tyrant” for the first time in 34 years.

Glenn Tipton came out and played guitar during the band’s last three songs and the crowd went absolutely crazy!

Judas Priest live photography courtesy of Laurie Carreiro





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