Expulser – The Unholy One

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Reviewed : May, 2018
Released: 2018, Greyhaze Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook

Expulser, The Unholy One was originally released way back in 1992. Hailing from Brazil, these guys bring us a gritty, no holds barred style of Blackened Death Metal that is as relevant today as it was the year it was released. Don’t believe me? Have a listen then.

The album has been completely restored and remastered, and having heard the original I am going to say that this is not such a bad thing. The purists may argue and say they prefer the raw, unpolished sound of the original, but for me this makes a lot of the music much more enjoyable to listen to, namely because you can clearly hear what the artists are doing without busting a sphincter muscle in the process. Okay, the old version was still pretty killer, but this one is even more killer – er, if you get my drift.

Punishing brutal vocals and general blasphemy are handled by our good friend Profano, who has the sort of guttural bark that one could expect from a very large rabid dog that had been brought up by Satan. D. Strike on guitars could possibly convince you he has an extra hand with the amount of technicality he is capable of, and he also provides fat juicy riffs with a slightly dirty texture that are a joy to the ear. Insulter on bass (Yes, he won’t try and murder you, but he will DAMN well make sure you feel like shit about yourself) does a brilliant job of holding down the filth, and his mate Crusher on drums does pretty much what he is supposed to do. Crush things.

No doubt you will have heard this type of stuff before, and you may say that aloud during conversations with your friends to make yourself sound cool, but you have to keep one thing in mind. These guys where doing this type of filthy Blackened Death way before a lot of the trendier bands out there these days, and as a matter of fact, you can bet these guys may well have been an influence on some of today’s purveyors of unholy bleakness. Yes, this is essential listening for fans of the genre. Fans of anything fun and heavy in general, really.

No favorites here, it’s all as solid as can be. If you are looking for variety and progressive brilliance then go look under another rock. The one these guys crawled out from under is a big nasty fucker that has only ever had one purpose in its existence, and that is to crush us all. I like it, a lot.

Track Listing:
1. Praise To The Almighty God
2. Cirrhosis (Let’s Get Drunk)
3. Bleeding At Cross
4. Fornications (At The Church)
5. The Unholy One
6. Screams Of Delight
7. Christ’s Saga
8. The Evil Orgasm
9. Gore Pussy Of Virgin
10. The Slut
11. Vomiting In Paradise
12. The Offensor
13. No Ressurrection

Profano – Vocals
D. Strike – Guitars
Insulter – Bass
Crasher – Drums


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