Daniels, Neil-Iron Maiden

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Author: Daniels, Neil
Title: Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Illustrated History Of The Beast
Publisher: Voyageur
Released: 2016
Rating: 5/5
Reviewed: May, 2018
Reviewer: JP

Time for one of my classic ‘public service announcement’ reviews. These short reviews are more of a service to fans to let them know of a certain release, rather than an in-depth review.  In this instance I am discussing the updated version of Neil Daniels 2012 book about Iron Maiden.   Feel free to read my long and in-depth review of the original pressing, written and published back in August of 2012.

The first immediately noticeable difference is the very slight change in title.  ‘The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast’ has evolved into ‘The Ultimate Illustrated History Of The Beast’.  The cover design and graphics are slightly different as well but the new version still features a cool die-cut cover.   Other than that there are really no differences except it is updated.  Daniels added a new chapter (18 pages long) discussing the events from 2012 to 2016.   Even so, I am a bit behind, reviewing this in early 2018, as since the time of publication the band has toured even more and released (yet another!) Double Live album.  The Chapter covers all the main events in that period, the retro tour (Maiden England) and so on, as well as an in-depth analysis of BOOK OF SOULS.

Another 5/5 score out of five seems high for ‘just’ an updated version of a book, but assuming that a person may not own the first one, this  updated version still gets top marks!

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