Bonfire – Temple of Lies

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Reviewed: May 2018
Released: April 2018, AFM Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Alice Chant

Bonfire have been around since the birth of hard rock, releasing more than twenty albums over the last 30 years. The German band have had so many line up changes, that they could have their very own international football squad. After all this time, with all the varying band members, you would expect a band’s music to develop and modernise to current trends, or at least have some small influences. However, with Bonfire, they are firmly rooted in their genre of 80’s hard rock.

Temple of Lies is reminiscent of 80’s montage music where we would see our hero in a movie training to fight the final boss. With ‘Fly Away’ in particular you could imagine a freeze frame karate kick straight into the credit roll. The fast paced, grooving riffs and epically strong vocals feel exciting and triumphant and a wonderful sing along, particularly with the title track and I do feel at times that I should be sat next to Tom Cruise in a fighter jet or working out for my final fight in the ring.

I can’t say this album is doing anything new, it does exactly what it says on the tin, which makes it a really difficult album to review. Their curriculum vitae is so huge, that it feels like they don’t need to be reviewed. It is firmly rooted in their genre so I cannot criticise it, as it is genuinely a good album. I am enjoying listening to it as I type and I feel that familiar feeling of warmth, passion and heart that this genre inspires in you. But is it memorable? I really hate to say it, but I’m not sure. 



01.  In The Beginning
02.  Temple Of Lies
03.  On The Wings Of An Angel
04.  Feed The Fire
05.  Stand Or Fall
06.  Comin’ Home
07.  I’ll Never Be Loved By You
08.  Fly Away
09.  Love The Way You Hate Me
10.  Crazy Over You

Band line-up:

Alexx Stahl (Vocals)
Hans Ziller (Guitar)
Frank Pané (Guitar)
Ronnie Parkes (Bass)
Tim Breideband (Drums)

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