Trivium + Code Orange + Power Trip + Venom Prison @ O2 Academy, Glasgow

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Trivium + Code Orange + Power Trip + Venom Prison

@ O2 Academy, Glasgow

Thursday, 19th of April 2018

Review By: Pete Mutant

Photography By: Ya Cheng 雅

Trivium were back in town and bringing with them an unreal package with some of heavy music’s up and coming acts in Venom Prison, Power Trip and Code Orange. They have been smashing Europe night after night after night and Glasgow was their third last stop on the tour. The bands had been playing night after night, bringing all their individually nuanced styles to sizeable crowds across the continent.
Tonight, they were at the O2 Academy in Glasgow playing to a near sellout crowd. I hadn’t been back to this venue since seeing Marilyn Manson at a sellout event a couple of years back and I was glad to be getting back to an old stomping ground. It had been nearly six years since I’d last seen Trivium at Download fest but they were never a big influence on my musical tastes, I was mainly here for the support as I hadn’t seen Venom Prison or Power Trip before but I had heard good things, very good things.

First up we had Venom prison [4.0/5] from South Wales and there was a reasonable audience that had gathered down the front to welcome them. They opened up with the introductory tracks on their latest studio effort, 2016’s ‘Animus’ in ‘Syllogism’ which went into ‘Abysmal Agony’. The sound was a bit muffled at first but things came in better shortly after the start. They brought plenty of energy as things progressed into a much more uniformed structure. By the fifth track ‘Corrode The Black Sun’ a pit started with myself becoming aware of such pit by being smashed into, spilling half of my overpriced beer. It was a sad moment but the music was getting better and better.

The hardcore elements shown through on many of the tracks like ‘Corrode The Black Sun’ but it was the death metal influences that led the way. ‘Devoid’ brought some brutal death metal sections as well as some droning rhythms that connected with extreme force. There were flashes of more modern and melodic death metal as well, lead guitarist Ben Thomas was giving us some really pristine leadwork with some flashy series of taps and shreds. There was a request for a circle pit from vocalist Larissa Stuper which was taken up by a few members of the crowd but things could come to an abrupt halt with the colossal beatdowns. There was a final flurry of energy with the last track of Venom Prison’s set in ‘The Primal Chaos’. This may have been the best track of the set with some blinding tempo and some stoic riffs which blended into a ball of destructive energy that burst and felled the crowd with one final blow. Cracking stuff.
  1. Syllogism
  2. Abysmal Agony
  3. Babylon the Whore
  4. Desecration of Human Privilege
  5. Corrode the Black Sun
  6. Devoid
  7. Perpetrator Emasculation
  8. Womb Forced Animus
  9. Celestial Patricide
  10. The Primal Chaos
Power Trip [4.5/5] has played with Napalm Death and Brujeria last year and they were back for another dose of Glaswegian hospitality. This was my first taste of them and, to be honest, I was blown away by them. It was one of the best thrash sets that I had seen before and I have been to many a thrash gig before so to me this was monumental. From the opening moments, the unquestionably brilliant opening riff to ’Soul Sacrifice’ stomped violently on the o2 Academy. The squeals going along with it from Blake Ibanez were perfect, well, as near perfect as it can get. Riley Gale came on and drove the crowd who were almost struck in awe by what they were seeing and hearing. The songs went in so quickly but so fluidly as we went straight into the second track ‘Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)’. By the fourth, we went to the title track of their latest efforts ‘Nightmare Logic’ which seemed to lose the edge just a little but it still had plenty to love.
They only had to more stops on this tour and they were happy to be spending them in the UK so said our Texan leader and hero Riley Gale. They still had heaps of energy and riffs to give so the set went on and all just came to a head with the ferocity of the music. ‘Crucifixion’ brought us straight back to 1986 in feel where thrash was king and ruled with an iron fist. The rest of the set was just smash after smash and hit after hit and by the penultimate track ‘Firing Squad’ we had the first of what would seem like a thousand crowd surfers of the night as the rest of the crowd (myself included) clapped along to the rhythm and the beats. They ended their set with ’Manifest Decimation’ which brought their set to a brilliant end. It would be hard to top and in my opinion, it wasn’t.
  1. Soul Sacrifice
  2. Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)
  3. Divine Apprehension
  4. Nightmare Logic
  5. Crucifixation
  6. Murderer’s Row
  7. Firing Squad
  8. Manifest Decimation
Next up we had Code Orange [4.0/5] who have been themselves making big waves in the heavy music scene. The hardcore outfit from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania came on stage and drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan said “You may not know who the fuck we are but we are Code Orange and this is My World” and that started proceedings with a surge of aggressive energy.
They wee really heavy, slow and crawling at times but they could switch the tempo in a split second. The band were all very animated, swinging their instruments violently as they crushed through their set. The first three tracks were all about the heaviness whilst incorporating sharp piercing sounds which tore through the atmosphere as the blasts from the drums crushed and compressed the noise. The fourth track ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ was a bit more grungier than the previous ones, toning down the more in your face music to a more attitude ridden dirge with clean vocals coming fro guitarist Reba Meyers.
They definitely bring something different to the table as the electronic elements really heighten the atmosphere of each song and give them a much different accent. It was Dominic Landolina who would alternate between the synths and the guitar, seamlessly moving from one to other depending on the song’s demands. The rest of the band each played  a massive role in each of their functions and when all connected, it was rather impressive. ‘Slowburn’ was one of the tracks that brought all these different elements into one solidified spectrum of noise that cut with a serrated edge courtesy of the piercing synths. The set was drawing to a close as we went into ‘Forever’ and then to the final track ‘Dream 2’ which was a very moody way to bring their music to an end. Maybe it was better to end on a more atmospheric note as we did get a good dose of heavy music and had done all night up until this point. It was a good first full on experience and this band are definitely one to watch out for.
  1. My World
  2. Real
  3. Spy
  4. Bleeding in the Blur
  5. Kill the Creator
  6. I Am King
  7. Slowburn
  8. Only One Way
  9. The New Reality
  10. Forever
  11. dream2
Now, we had Matt Heafy and his crew taking us to the main event as Trivium [4.0/5] took to the stage. We had been pretty spoiled up until this point and quite a bit of energy had been expelled but in true Glaswegian style, there was plenty more in the tank. A hell of a lot more in fact. They had ‘Run To The Hills’ as the precursor before they walked on stage and the crowd were joined in voice singing along to Iron Maiden’s hit. The band walked on stage and went into the title track of their latest album, which this tour was based around, and the crowd were wasting no time. The tone was near perfect as the fast and heavy parts went into the melodic and we got the massive choruses that Trivium are well known for. We got some solid riffs throughout and we took a journey through past and present as ‘Throes Of Perdition’ from 2008’s ‘Shogun’ went into ‘Betrayer’ from their newest album. Matt Heafy was letting us know that there was a contest for the craziest crowd of the tour and as he mentioned each stop, the Glasgow crowd booed as they wanted to be taking home this title, a title which was definitely up for grabs.
After this inspirational bit of rapport building, we went into ‘Ascendancy’ and we had a circle pit going strong and it was growing in size and in energy as the set wore on. The music went on and the full Trivium experience was being handed out from the band. Heafy’s control and range of vocals was spot on as we got some heavier songs like ‘Sever The Hand’ but later we got the soft and atmospheric ‘Until The World Goes Cold’ which brought in the crowd’s voice in unison. The other band members were bang on and I was especially impressed with the drummer Alex Bent’s shift on the night. Heafy seemed to be stunned and said that this may have been the most crowd surfers that he had ever seen at a Trivium concert before and all this was doing as putting more fuel to the audience’s fire. A points there were at least three on the go which was like a constant stream of human flesh being carted along to the front. The crowd were loving it and chants of “here we, here we, here we fucking go”  rang out strong. Heavy thought that we should change it to ‘Trivi, Trivi, Trivi-fucking-um’ which made me cringe but the fans took it on board as we progressed into ‘Like Light To The Flies’.
The singalong were omnipresent as ‘The Heart From your Hate’ rang true and the crowd were jumping together from the front to the back (with myself now being at the back of the hall). There was so much energy from the band and from the crowd and it was all uniting so well. ‘Beyond Oblivion’ took us to the encore as the band left the stage for a brief period. When they came on again, the crowd separated and astonishingly (at a Trivium concert that is) they collided into one another in a massive wall of death as ‘Shattering The Skies Above’ played on. We got a humungous circle pit which nearly ate up the whole standing area when ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’ blasted on before the last track of the show in ‘In Waves’ brought the show to an end. It was a blinding performance on a highly quality event. All the bands were pretty stellar and not many could have complaints. I’m just not that into Trivium but they still were masters of what they do and the crowd came in their masses to soak up their show and they themselves put in a cracking shift. It was a memorable show all in all and, if Trivium can bring a similar package like tonight’s, back to Glasgow then I may be there again and may even join in.
  1. Run to the Hills
  2. The Sin and the Sentence
  3. Throes of Perdition
  4. Betrayer
  5. Ascendancy
  6. Sever the Hand
  7. Inception of the End
  8. Until the World Goes Cold
  9. Becoming the Dragon
  10. Thrown Into the Fire
  11. Like Light to the Flies
  12. The heart From Your hate
  13. Beyond Oblivion
  1. Shattering the Skies
  2. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
  3. In Waves
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