Venom Inc with support on Blood Stained Earth Tour 2018, European leg – at Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

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Venom Inc

Blood Stained Earth Tour 2018, European leg
Suffocation – special guest
Nervosa – support act
Aeterman – support act
Survive – support act

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmark 19/3 – 2018
Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

This version of Venom Iinc. consists of original members Abaddon and Mantas, together with singer Demolition Man. This line-up was active in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s under the name Venom. During 2015 the band changed their name to Venom Inc. and last year released their debut album AVÈ. Live touring began right away and in 2017 the band toured their way through the USA and Canada with a few stops in Europe/Asia and Australia/New Zealand. The only two shows in Scandinavia were in Denmark so sadly the Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian fans were left out. Pumpehuset was the place for this show but it wasn’t clear in which of the venue’s two halls the band would perform. The grand hall is called Kransalen and holds about 600 people, the smaller one is named Sort Sal and takes about 400 guests.

The show wasn’t sold out which felt a little strange given the band’s position as one of the first bands in their genre. The same day as the show I got the news that Abaddon sadly wasn’t going to be on stage and was replaced by drummer Jeramie Kling (The Absence) for the European tour. Since there were a lot of bands on stage this night the doors opened at 7 . The first band out was going on 30 minutes later. Because of problems due to the trains in Sweden I arrived to the club a little late at 8.30. There were no problems with getting the press pass at the door. Since there are new rules that you have to leave your coat and bag in the wardrobe, I hung my stuff and went into the smaller venue where Aeternam was doing their thing on stage. The stage was so small that the members had to stand beside the drums while playing. There weren’t many people there to catch the progressive thrash metal band and it seemed like the band had problems with the sound system. The singer told the technician several times he wanted to have more sound in the monitors. The show ended at 8.45 so I didn’t see much of it at all.

Next up was Nervosa, hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil. It’s an all female metal act that’s released two albums so far. The debut. titled VICTIM OF YOURSELF came 2014 and was followed by AGONY in 2016. The trio has been active since 2010 and went through a drummer change in 2016-17. The members changed the gear and prepared the stage themselves but during the line check they experienced problems with guitar, bass, and vocals; I wonder what the sound technician was up to. Finally the band was ready to kick off their show and the clock had now turned 9.


“Hypocrisy” was the first song out and the band really woke up the crowd with their intense music. “Arrogance” followed immediately as singer/bass player Lira moved around the most on the small stage. She also thanked the crowd for being there and urged them to clap their hands and scream for the band. “Masked Betrayer” continued the night and even though the sound was repaired the lights left a lot more to wish for. The line up in the band is:

Prika Amaral – guitar
Fernanda Lira – lead vocals, bass
Luana Dametto – drums

A lot of smoke covered the stage which made it hard to take pictures of the band. Lira once again thanked the crowd for being there and said it was time to take a song from the debut album in “Death!”. The stage was so crowded with gear and the band, the monitors and mic stands were placed on the floor instead of the stage. The trio felt solid together and their thrash/heavy metal music seemed to work pretty well amongst the fans. It was obvious that the band had been playing live a lot because they knew how to handle a crowd. “Intolerance Means War” followed and a smaller circle pit formed in front of the stage. “Hostages” followed and the last song out for the night was “Into Moshpit”. The 35 minute show was then over. Nervosa actually impressed me a lot; their material felt solid and the band put on a great show with the means they were given. It’s always great to see women play harder metal; the world needs more women in metal. It’s time to break down the male dominance within the scene. I’m definitely going to check out the band’s albums closer.

Set list
Masked Betrayer
Intolerance Means War
Into Moshpit


It was time for another gear change on stage as we waited for the next band to continue the night. It felt like more people had entered the venue and I guess many were eager to see the next band up, Suffocation.

Suffocation comes from the USA and was formed back in the 80’s with their debut coming in 1991, titled EFFIGY OF THE FORGOTTEN. At the end of the 90’s the band was put on hold but in 2003 the beast was reawakened. Last year the latest studio album “…OF THE DARK LIGHT” arrived, however lead singer Frank Mullen left the band and was replaced by Ricky Myers. I’ve seen the band live before but have never been keen on their music. After 15 minutes it was time for Suffocation to take on the Danish fans and at 9.50 the show kicked off.


The fans started to scream and clap their hands before the members came on stage and it got very crowded in front of the stage as the fans made their way closer. “Thrones of Blood” marked the beginning of the show and it was full speed ahead from the very start. Suffocation ran over the fans like a raging train and there was no turning back. “Return to the Abyss” continued the show as  Myers moved around on stage urging the fans to go even more crazy. “Effigy of the Forgotten” came next which was instantly followed by “Funeral Inception”. The line up in the band today is:

Ricky Myers – lead vocals
Terrance Hobbs – guitar
Derek Boyer – bass
Charlie Errigo – guitar
Eric Morrotti – drums

Not much stage lighting was used, making it very dark for the majority of the show. The smoke made it even harder to see the members however the fans seemed satisfied with hearing the band’s technical brutal death metal. Circle pits formed from the start and each song only fueled the pits even more. Myers thanked the fans for the support and fired off “Abomination Reborn”. “Clarity Through Deprivation” fired up the crowd even more and the ecstasy continued in “Pierced From Within”. Myers didn’t do much talking between the songs but let the music do the talking instead and it seemed like the fans was doing fine with that. From the album PINNACLE OF BEDLAM the song “As Grace Descends” was taken and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the amazing technical skills on display. “Entrails of You” continued the show and Myers asked if there were any old school fans in the hall this night. “Here comes a song for you, and taken from the debut album,” the song “Liege of Inveracity” was plucked. The older classic songs worked the best this night but the fans did their best to sing along to the more current ones as well.

Next came “Catatonia”, which was a surprise song taken from the 1991 EP HUMAN WASTE. Myers did a great job as front man and the fans seem to accept him and take him to their hearts. The last song for the night was “Infecting the Crypts” and the band left the stage to the sound of the cheers from a dedicated crowd. The 45 minute show went by pretty fast and even though their music was maybe a little too technical for me the fans loved it and I guess that’s what counts. The only bad thing was the poor lighting that left the band members standing in the dark. Just like during previous shows at this venue, it was almost impossible to take some good pictures of the band because of the darkness on stage. Something else that was strange was the lack of security; I couldn’t see any security staff during the show which was odd because of the hardcore and grim music we just had heard. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that fans of Suffocation aren’t the calmest.

Set list
Thrones Of Blood
Return To The Abyss
Effigy of The Forgotten
Funeral Inception
Abomination Reborn
Clarity Through Deprivation
Pierced From Within
As Grace Descends
Entrails Of You
Liege Of Inveracity
Infecting The Crypts


The backdrop changed to Venom Inc.’s and it was time for the final round of gear change. When people realized it soon was time for Venom Inc. to go on stage, everyone gathered to the front; it got pretty crowded. At 11 the stage filled up with smoke and the intro paved the way for the legends to kick off their show.

Venom Inc

First out on stage was session drummer King as the rest of the members followed quickly. The first song out was “Welcome to Hell”; a circle pit formed at once and the fans sang along at the top of their lungs. “Metal We Bleed” followed and both Demolition Man and Mantas moved around the stage connecting with fans. DM took the mic saying it was nice to see so many of the fans and that it was nice to be in Copenhagen performing. “Here comes “Die Hard”!”, he screamed as the song made the fans go mental. The circle pit came alive again and already the band was really sweaty and hot. DM then thanked the fans again saying that the next song was about something most of you are familiar with – “Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)”. The poor lighting continued during this show; it was a pain in the ass that there weren’t any front lights on the band. “Parasite” followed as well as “Temple of Ice”. The band consists of:

Demolition Man – lead vocals, bass
Mantas – guitar
Jeramie Kling – drums (session member)

“As you see, we are missing a brother on stage”, DM said, “Abbadon isn’t with us because he and his wife recently became parents. The next song we dedicate to Abbadon and his family, here is “Warhead”.

Mantas had the fans shout “hey hey” and DM urged them to sing the chorus with him. “We have travelled all over the world performing”, DM said, “and it’s fun to see all the different cities. Many fans want to show us what’s special with their country and sure it’s nice, and don’t get me wrong now, we have got a lot to see in the UK as well.” Then he laughed and said “Don’t Burn the Witch”. The song was just another classic taken from the ground breaking BLACK METAL album from 1982. I was so impressed by how well the band executed the songs; they were solid and their appearance left nothing to wish for. The only person I missed was of course Abbadon, however Kling did a great job behind the drums. DM is a brilliant front man that sweeps the floor with Cronos every day of the week. The band was mean, heavy and furious, in other words just like Venom Inc. should sound. Another new song in “War” followed and even though the fans appreciated the older songs the most, they also did their best to sing along to the more current ones. DM thanked for the support saying it was a new song they just performed, and “now it’s time to go back in time, to a woman we all knew. She was very kind and she was “Lady Lust”. The fans started to chant “Mantas Mantas” and he looked really happy on stage when he heard the choirs.

“There’s one place that’s wonderful that I want to stay all the time if I can, please “Leave Me In Hell”!, DM said. “We have visited Canada, China, and Copenhagen before and everywhere in the world we have brothers just like you and we belong together. The reason to why I got into music was because of Lemmy, he’s one of my biggest inspirations and the next song is dedicated to him – “Black N’ Roll”. The band and fans worked in symbioses this night and created a magical atmosphere; I was really glad to be there to experience it.

As soon as the song was over and it got quiet on stage. The fans shouted “Venom Venom”, and out from the PA came an intro everyone knew. It was time for “Black Metal”. Needless to say the entire club exploded as the fans heard the first notes of the epic song. The song sounded even better this night compared to on album; at least today the members can play their instruments and DM sings a lot better than Cronos. I always used to be a bit reluctant towards bands that have a new singer but not in Venom Inc.’s case. DM sings alot better than Cronos and is a much better front man. The fans almost overpowered DM in the song and sang the chorus the loudest. The final song of the night was “Countess Bathory”. DM had the fans scream at his command as he and the band waved good bye to the fans as they walked off the stage. The show lasted for about 65 minutes and now the clock was 10 minutes past midnight.

The fans shouted for more music and chanted “Venom Venom”. The band returned and thanked them for their support. The first encore was “Sons of Satan”, taken from the iconic WELCOME TO HELL (1981). The fans once again raised the roof with their sing along and the band seemed very happy with the response. One crazy fan climbed up on stage and dived back into the ecstatic hordes. “Witching Hour” followed as the last song out for the night and it was accompanied by a circle pit. That ended the 75-minute long show; and what is my thought of the show? Well, I thought it was a great show and that the band really impressed me. I would go as far as to say that Venom Inc. is a much better act that Venom with Cronos as lead singer. The set list treated the fans to both current songs as well as the anticipated golden nuggets. It was an amazing night to be a Venom Inc. fan! The only negative thing was what affected all of the other bands that performed, which was the lack of a photo pit, lack of front lights, as well as the heavy amount of smoke on stage that nearly drowned the bands. Venom Inc. really put on a great show for the fans and I’m not exaggerating if I say that I think they put on one of the best shows so far this year.

Set list
Ave Satanas (intro)
Welcome To Hell
Metal We Bleed
Die Hard
Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)
Temples Of Ice
Don’t Burn the Witch
Lady Lust
Leave Me In Hell
Black N Roll
Black Metal
Countess Bathory
Sons of Satan
Witching Hour

Thanks to Philipp Adelsberger at HQ Nuclear Blast Records Germany for help with press/photo pass.
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