Satyricon, Suicidal Angels: Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland – March 29, 2018

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The Spring time has always been a tremendous great and busy time for concert goers.  For example gigs by Trivium and Cradle Filth were sold out and Testament pulled a huge amount of metalheads to both the gigs. Satyricon did great as well by selling out the Helsinki show and other two gigs sold truly well. Even though Satyricon cause different kinds of opinions and thoughts, but they have established the strong fan base and have become a more household name amogst the metal fans. And who said people no longer to gigs ? The Holy Thursday was nothing perfect timing for Satyricon.

The Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels made their first trip to Finland in support of the Norwegian black metal squad Satyricon. Suicidal Angels has been gigging quite extensively throughout Europe, but they haven’t managed to visit Finland until now. Obviously, a support slot may not be the suitable way of reaching the thrash audience, but the band definitely had at least a few die hard thrashers in the audience, knowing the songs and even some some t-shirts could be pointed out.

The Suicidal Angels guys have adopted specific approaches as well as manners from Kreator and its mainman Mille Petrozza, as a few of them were quite obvious in a good way and they fitted more than well to the thrash attack. The four piece thrashed hard and tried to make the audience arrange a few pits. Obviously some of the black metal fans found the old school thrash not their cup of blood. However, seeing a bunch of people cheering them was overwhelming for sure. The Greek thrash metallers doesn’t always thrash out at full speed, instead the band often has a bit mid tempo approach. Suicidal Angels sounded damn good and offered a good set of songs picked up from various outputs.

Was the Satyricon fanbase the right target for Suicidal Angels ? Yes and no, they definitely gained new fans, on the other hand the black metal fans were more eager to see Satyricon delivering their blackish hymns. Apparently Suicidal Angels and Power Trip and even Municipal Waste could or should combine their thrashing forces to tour together see chaos and mayhem in pits.

The Norwegian black metal band Satyricon made their first visit to Finland in 1997 when the domestic band called Throes Of Dawn was booked to support them. Since then, Satyr and Frost have constantly played in Finland and have increased the fanbase and popularity album by album. The current on-going tour in support of the latest album DEEP CALLETH UPON DEEP consisted of three gigs in Finland. The last one in Helsinki was totally packed as the Tavastia Club and was sold out a good time before the show. The Celtic Frost tune from the MONOTHEIST album got blasted out as a kind of intro before the six piece stepped on the stage. When the Norwegians kicked the set off, the sounds were utter crystal clear and superb. Right from the beginning of the set, Satyr and the company appeared to be in the extreme tight form. The opening song “Midnight Serpent” from the latest effort was a real knockout start and was followed by “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” from the self titled SATYRICON album.

As far as the set is concerned, all in all 17 songs had been chosen from seven albums. It was a pleasant surprise to hear a song such as “Transcendental Requiem of Slaves” off from NEMESIS DIVINA. The unexpected surprise was an absence of  “The Ghost Of Rome”, which has been played at previous gigs.

Throughout the gig the Satyricon clan kept banging their heads and being at the stage was truly controlled and well rehearsed. Each member took care of own spot in a professional way. The frontman Satyr has tons of charismatic elements and he didn’t have to encourage the crowd, as his appearance alone made the crowd go nuts.  Frost is known for merciless and truly praised drumming as he kept the driving intensive force for the whole show.

Before the concluding song K.I.N.G. hammered the audience down, the whole band gathered in front of the stage and Frost crawled out of his drum battery and made the audience cheer and shout.

All in all Satyricon was and sounded vicious great and truly aggressive. The sold out club was full of totally pleased fans after the brilliant performance.  Satyricon is definitely welcomed to do another string of club shows in Finland.

Midnight Serpent
Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
Black Crow on a Tombstone
Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Blood Cracks Open The Ground
Repined Bastard Nation
Die By My Hand
Ageless Northern Spirit
Now, Diabolical

To Your Brethren in the Dark
Black Wings And Withering Gloom
Walk the Path of Sorrow
Transcendental Requiem of Slaves
Mother North
The Pentagram Burns
Fuel for Hatred