Accept with support act Night Demon on The Rise Of Chaos World Tour – European leg – 1- 2018 at Vega Copenhagen, Denmark

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Accept – headline act
The Rise Of Chaos World Tour – European leg – 1 –  2018
Night Demon – support act

Copenhagen, Denmark
11/2 – 2018

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall


The German war tank Accept is out roaming in Europe again and this time they’re out supporting the new album THE RISE OF CHAOS which was released at the beginning of August last year. At the beginning of last year the band was out supporting the Swedish metal act Sabaton at their European tour and the also did a few festival shows on their own such as at Wacken Open Air in Germany. Two new members in drummer Christopher Williams and guitarist Uwe Lulis made their entrance in the band and today the only two remaining original members from back in the days are Peter Baltes and Wolf Hoffmann. Personally I think it was too bad that both Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann left the band in 2014, I had really wished to see them live again with Accept but now things are as they are and I was curious to see how the new members would fit into the band. I saw the band on the Sabaton tour and on the Wacken Open Air Festival last year with the new lineup. The new members weren’t then fully adjusted to the new situation in the band, but I hope that had changed for this night show. The venue Vega inhabits about 1550 visitors, even though the show was announced since way back there were still tickets left for sale. It felt really good that Accept only featured one support act, I think nowadays there are a tendency of bands adding more and more support and opening acts and if you don’t care for the opening acts your in for a long night until you’re able to see the headline.

Well before the doors was about to open at 6.30 I went over through the snow so in wait for the club to open I sat down at a café in shelter of the snow. The majority of the people waiting outside the venue was above 55+ and was probably around when the band first started out. After a little search for my media pass I found it and after having a talk with the security regarding photo rules I walked the two stairs up to the hall where the show was going to take place. The venue is pretty nice looking with a balcony where people can stand while watching the show. Slowly the venue started to fill up with people however the majority was still hanging out by the bar or at the balcony.

Night Demon

Due to the ramps that was situated out from each side of the stage it was a bit hard for me to get into the photo pit but as the support act came on I made my way into it. The first two songs transcended into each other and it was obvious from the start that the band was going to let the music do the talking. The people in the venue greeted the band warmly and politely clapped their hands after each song. The band had placed the drummer in the middle of the stage with bass player and guitarist on each side of him. Night Demon is:

Dusty Squires – drums
Jarvis Leatherby – bass/vocals
Armand John Anthony – guitar

Leatherby thanked the people for coming to see the show and introduced Squires on drums. He banged his drums so hard that they broke and the band had to stop the show and try to fix the drums. The fixing up took a while but finally it was over and the show continued, the band punk influenced heavy metal music was pretty intense however it didn’t appeal to me. Once again it was time to fix the drums and Leatherby thanked the crowd for being so patience with the band. It seemed like it was the bassdrum that suffered from damage, after yet another while the drums was again fixed and the show could proceed. The band members mostly focused on playing and singing rather than treat the fans on a visual show and nothing much happened on stage. “Screams In the Night” followed and once again the drums broke down, this time the band was saved by Accept drummer Williams who lend his bass drum to Night Demon. After a short line check the show could continue and because of all the problems I think the band missed a lot of time. It wasn’t only me that had lost interest in the band and I saw a lot of people heading towards the bar instead of watching the show. An evil ghostlike dressed in a cloak and skull mask came on stage during the follow show holding a chalice of some sort. It was fun to see something different happening on stage and even though the person maybe didn’t add anything to the show it was fun to see the that the band tried to deliver something special.

Leatherby once again thanked the crowd saying it was great to be performing in Copenhagen again. Here comes a song I think you all are familiar with he said and the band fired off the Iron Maiden original “Wasted Years”. That song woke up the crowd that sang a long in the chorus and clapped their hands. The band pulled off a pretty descent version of the song that sounded a little different from the original. That song ended the 45 minute show and Leatherby thanked the crowd for the support.

It was too bad the band had such difficulties with the drums during the gig, that robbed them on some valued minutes for sure. The band probably had to re-arrange their set list had exclude a song or two I bet. The band music didn’t impress me but it was nice to see a band that I hadn’t seen live before. It seemed like the band divided the crowd in half, one part that liked the music and the other part that headed over to the bar. Night Demon’s music is unfortunately not going to find its place in my home.

So was it time to prepare the mind for some good music, it was soon time for Accept to enter the stage but first the crew started the work to prepare the stage for the German metal legends. The backline was the same as the one the band brought with them when they supported Sabaton last year. However this stage was smaller and couldn’t shrine the two alleyways the band portrayed on the larger stage. Two ramps on each side framed the stage and three boxes were placed at the edge of the stage for the band members to stand on. The venue wasn’t sold out but there were a lot of people there to watch their heroes in Accept.


First on stage were drummer Williams and one by one the rest of the band followed and kicked off “Die By The Sword”. It was full speed ahead from the start as the show proceeded with “Stalingrad”. Smoke blew up towards the ceiling and singer Tornillo had his usual cap on accompanied with the usual sunglasses. He, Baltes and Hoffmann was the ones that moved around the most while Lulis stood more solid on his spot to the left of the stage. Hoffmann and Baltes stepped on to the boxes and fired off the epic “Restless And Wild” while they had the fans clap their hands while singing along. Accept of today includes:

Mark Tornillo – lead vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
Uwe Lulis – guitar
Peter Baltes – bass
Christopher Williams – drums

Everyone in the band seemed to be having a great time on stage and they all joked around with each other laughing both during and in between songs. While the band played “London Leatherboys” we in the pit were led out from it and up to the wardrobe were we were told to put our photobags, there were a lot of photographers so there were a queue therefor it took some time. I re-entered the venue to the tones of “Breaker” in which Lulis, Baltes and Hoffmann all joined forces on to the boxes performing the song throwing the poses that’s typical and patented by the band. At the end of the song the trio walked back on to the stage and Tornillo joined in and posed. Tornillo said it was fun to be back in Copenhagen, you are crazy tonight!! We have a new album out and the next song is the title track from that album, here is “The Rise Of Chaos”. During all the choruses the stage turned all black besides some flickering red lights which looked really cool. “Koolaid” followed straight away and not much talking was done in between the songs. The fans felt a bit reluctant towards the new songs and I guess the majority of the fans wanted to hear to old classical tunes. Well, “Koolaid” isn’t one of the bands best songs, in fact it’s a bit cheesy and isn’t one of the most memorable tunes the band brought fans. Both lights and sound worked perfect and it was a really cool light show the band brought with them. “No Regrets” followed which was the third new song for the night and I was really amazed by how tight and smooth the Accept machine is running live. Another song from the new album in “Analogue Man” followed and the fans again felt a hit hesitant towards the song. Tornillo had the crowd to sing a long in the chorus and did his best to higher the spirit during the more current songs. “Final Journey” continued the night in which Hoffmann and Baltes had the fans to shout at their command. Tornillo once again thanked the fans saying it was time to take a pick from the STALINGRAD album in “Shadow Soldiers”, he dedicated the song to all the soldiers who keep us all safe and free here in Europe. The fans greeted the slightly older songs by Accept 2.0 a little better than the most current ones but that maybe depended on the fact they hadn’t listened enough to them. Both Lulis and Williams felt more solid in their roles as members in the band than what they did last time I saw them and they took more space on stage. But of course it was the Baltes/Hoffmann show majority of the time and it was no doubt who runs the band. Vocal wise Tornillo has a lot in common with Udo Dirkschneider and sometimes the two sounds almost exactly the same.

It was time for Hoffmann to get up on one of the boxes and throw a solo that at the end turned into the intro to “Neon Nights”. Tornillo asked if the fans were ready to sing along with him he wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air and everyone knew what was coming when Tornillo said we are “Princess Of the Dawn”. The song brought down shouts and screams from the fans and the usual sing a long part took place in the middle of the song. Since the song is one of my personal favorite songs I was really glad to hear it live once again. Without having catching their breath the band continued straight away with another all time classic in “Midnight Mover”. Tornillo had some trouble with taking on the higher notes in the song but did his best and it sounded great anyway.

“Up To The Limit” followed and it felt like we had come straight to the goodiebag of the show with all the amazing songs that kept on coming in a row. Then followed another one of my favorite songs in “Objection Overruled” and it was great fun to hear a song from the 90-s reunion album. It was an unexpected choice by the band to play the song but it sounded great and I was glad to hear it. Hoffmann and Baltes did a bass/guitar duel while Lulis and Tornillo walked off stage and took a break. After a pretty long battle it seemed like Baltes won and the band came back on stage finishing off the song together. Next in line came “Pandemic” which was followed by the iconic “Fast As A Shark” which included the usual line of sing along by the fans. It’s a song you never get tired off and I’m always happy when I hear it. That classic ended the 100 minute show and when the fans realized it was over as the band walked off they started to scream for encores.

The band returned and blazed off “Metal Heart” as the first encore and it felt like this was one of many songs the fans had been waiting to hear. Everyone in the venue sang along with Tornillo that seemed really happy with the respond. “Teutonic Terror” followed and the show ended with the epic “Balls To the Wall” which made the fans mental. Hoffmann and Baltes walked out on each ramp to get closer to the fans and smiled the entire song through. The respond was huge and everyone in the club sang from the top of their lungs. The song ended with a really long outro that besides the long sing along parts extended the song even more. Tornillo thanked the fans once again and that was all, the band left the stage and the show was over. From the PA we could hear the outro “Bound To Fail” and yet another excellent Accept show was over.

The 2 hour show was just what a hardcore fan of Accept could ever want, yes, the mid-part with all the new songs could have been shortened but besides that the set list included every classic Accept song you could want to hear. It also wouldn’t hurt if Tornillo had done a little more talking in between the songs since the songs transcends into each other it would be nice to have a break. The band really grown together and there’s no doubt the guys are having fun on stage. I have to admit I was a bit reluctant towards the band when they re-united and formed Accept 2.0 but since then they have convinced me more and more each time I’ve see them live. If you haven’t bought the new album RISE TO CHAOS make sure you do, the band is also going out on a festival tour in Europe this summer. I left the venue really happy and glad to once more having seen my childhood heroes live in action.

Set list
Die By the Sword
Restless And Wild
London Leatherboys
The Rise Of Chaos
No Regrets
Analogue Man
Final Journey
Shadow Soldiers
Guitar solo – Hoffmann
Neon Nights
Princess Of The Dawn
Midnight Mover
Up To The Limit
Objection Overruled/Bass-guitar duel
Fast As A Shark
Metal Heart
Teutonic Terror
Balls To The Wall
Bound To Fail (outro)

Thanks to Markus Wosgien at Nuclear Blast HQ Germany for help with press/photo pass to the show.
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