World War Waiting – World War Waiting

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2018
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The harsh reality is that bands come and bands go. In the Metal industry the chances of actually making it are infinitesimally small. After 20+ years in the music industry the number of local bands that have started and stopped (failed or quit) is massive…around 90%. The best bands when they suffer a set-back, dig in deep and keep going. This is the case of World War Waiting.

Formerly this band was known as Sentient. They produced a couple of well-received independent albums and had some good local buzz as one of the stronger local acts. Over time, it gets hard to keep going for any number of very legitimate and valid reasons and a key member left the band. This alone might destroy any number of bands but these guys regrouped, re-branded and have re-introduced themselves as World War Waiting with a brand new, self-tilted indie debut four song EP.

The WWW EP is not radically different from what they were doing before; it is still top-notch Power/Death/Thrash. One thing that struck me was the very decent production values for an independent act.   The thick rumbling bas and crunchy guitar tone are all well-mixed as are the guttural vocals. The burn through short, punch songs three to four minutes long each, not many frills, just grinding it out in the trenches letting the song-writing, performance and execution speak for the.

The power trio have issued a strong statement that they are back.   Let’s hope they can keep building on this momentum.


Track listing:

1. My Convictions
2. The Reign Of The Rain
3. Deadspace
4. World War Waiting

Edmund Saulnier – Guitars, Vocals
Scott Tanner – Drums
Lance Davis – Bass

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