Various Artists-Kill For Metal Volume I

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2017, Killer Metal Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer:  JP

For an older fan of physical media, CD’s and DVD’s, it sure is nice to see some labels support the media. In this modern age of streaming and platforms like Youtube, the visual medium for bands is bigger that never before. Back in the 80’s it cost a lot of money to shoot a video; too much for most bands. Now with the available technology any bands can shoot a video quite quickly and inexpensively. Then the video gets sent out into the digisphere and that is it.   That is why I was a bit surprised to see that in 2017, a relatively small label like Killer Metal Records from Germany, actually released a DVD compilation of videos by their artists. Very cool.

KILL FOR METAL VOL I comes with an eight-page, full-colour booklet with a picture of each band. The collection is 12 videos from nine bands from around the world; Canada, US, Australia, Portugal and Germany. The DVD is bare bones but easy to navigate. The videos range in quality, some are better produced, some have storylines, one is even a hilarious cartoon.   I’m not going to give you a video-by-video breakdown, that would take forever but it is really nice to have all of these videos collected in one tidy package. There is also some bonus footage, an eight-minute recap of a successful 10-day tour of China by Alberta’s own, The Order Of Chaos.

As a side note I have an indirect connection to this video as the owner of, EvilG has a band, CATEGORY VI who are signed to Killer Metal. They shot a cool video on the cliffs of Newfoundland with a drone and that is the lead-off video.   I’m a fan of all of the bands on the DVD, all of which falls into the Real Metal, True Metal, Power Metal category. The whole thing runs for about 70 minutes.

This short review is more of a public service announcement, that this DVD does indeed exist and a very cool collection. For a few dollars it is worth totally checking out.


Track listing:

1. Silence Befalls The Crowd – Category VI
2. You Died – Mega Colossus
3. Wild Pack Of Dogs – Dragon’s Kiss
4. Barbarians Of The Wasteland – Dragon’s Kiss
5. Fear – Dragonsclaw
6. Metal Unity – Edge Of Thorns
7. Light This City – Lords Of The Trident
8. Full Metal Thunder – Carlisle, Maxwell
9. Power Angel – Carlisle, Maxwell
10. Black Rose – Shallow Ground
11. Darkness – Shallow Ground
12. Apocalypse Moon – Order Of Chaos, The
13. The Order Of Chaos China Tour Recap 2016

Format reviewed: DVD
Run Time: 70 minutes
Screen: PAL
Production Year: 2017
Rating: Not Rated