Sojourner – The Shadowed Road

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2018, Avantgarde Music
Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: Bob Davidson

I listen to a lot of folk music. I listen to it literally every day. I also listen to a lot of metal. Also, literally every day. I don’t listen to a lot of folk metal, as I find it very difficult for the balance to be quite right. Kiwi outfit ‘Sojourner’ (describe themselves as “Atmospheric black metal”: spoiler, to my ears they’re absolutely not) was unknown to me before this album. After three years of being together, this is the second full length album, so far as I can tell.

There’s a lot of synth/keys in this album, and also a bit of tin whistle, which is nice. At first listen through I definitely thought it would be a builder of an album, but on second, third and more listens, I’m really not so sure. ‘Ode To The Sovereign’ is in an interesting 6/8 rhythm (as are a few other sections) and works quite well. The whole thing is well produced, but by and large I found it kinda dull.

For all of its good points, and there are some – rhythmically dynamic, textured, well executed – it does feel like you’re wading through porridge, in no particular direction. Think of Amorphis in their worst moments and you’re almost there. Is there potential? Absolutely, but I think we’ll need to wait for another album to really see it blossom.



1. Winter’s Slumber
2. Titan
3. Ode to the Sovereign
4. An Oath Sworn in Sorrow
5. Our Bones Among the Ruins
6. Where Lost Hope Lies
7. The Shadowed Road


Chloe Bray – Guitars, Piano, Vocals, Tin Whistle
Emilio Crespo – Vocals
Riccardo Floridia – Drums
Mike Lamb – Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Wilson – Bass