Popoff, Martin-Led Zeppelin-All The Albums, All The Songs

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2018, Voyageur Press
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

I realize to some people, especially younger Metal fans that Led Zep may not be relevant or interesting, but to those of us who are a little older, we can recognize the value, history and lineage that the band brought to the development of Metal as a genre. We don’t give too much attention to the band here at Metal-Rules.com but in this case it can’t hurt to do a quick review and mention this new book written by Martin Popoff.

Martin and I have agreed that consistency in presentation (in music and literature) makes for a more appealing experience. More specifically, people like to collect things, especially things in series or collections that have a pattern to similar theme.   I think the good people at Voyageur Press recognize this because this (in my mind anyway) must be the seventh or eight book in the series. This latest one being LED ZEPPELIN-ALL THE SONGS, ALL THE ALBUMS.

Like the other books in the Voyageur series (AC/DC, Rush, etc) the author takes a look at each album and on occasion each song. In each case the book itself is a really nicely presented hard cover, coffee table book, I’m running out of room on my bookcases for these awesome books! Full colour and nicely appointed this will be a treat for Zep fans and rock fans in general. The format by now is pretty familiar and cool, Popoff goes song by song through the entire band studio album discography and writes an analysis. There is tons of source material and mountains of photos, quotes, pictures of memorabilia and more. The whole thing is loaded with interesting trivia and stories. If you think about it, there are not that many songs (about 80 in total) so it is not as intimidating a read as you might think. Not nearly as imposing as the day someone writes the same book for Deep Purple, Loudness or Rage with hundreds of songs each to analyze! Martin doesn’t spare the love for the later-era albums either; everyone gets a fair shake.

The book finishes off with some quotes from some big rock dogs about the critical importance of Led Zeppelin, guys like Butler, Montrose, Morse and Nugent. I’ve not even the world’s biggest Zep fan, but It’s cool to have this in my library, partly because it is part of the series. Gotta have it! I can hear the shelves on my overloaded bookcases groaning now…

Technical Details:

Format Reviewed: Hardcover
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Pages: 257

 Contact: www.martinpopoff.com