Maze of Feelings – Maze of Feelings

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2018, Bad Mood Man Music
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook

Maze Of Feelings are a Polish/Russian collaboration that combine a conglomeration of both the Melodic Death Metal AND Doom genres. Who’d of thunk it. Not me that’s for sure. Not like there isn’t a thousand other bands out there doing the same thing. Are these fine people any different from the rest of the pack? Why do my reviews always end up being a roundabout of questions?

The reason is at least for me that we must have the ability to question the music we listen to. Does it sound like the thousand bands previously we must ask, and does it either fulfill our requirements for what we need to hear now with a bit of change or what we have been into before and give us that sense of nostalgia that we all like every now and then.

What I am getting at should now be a moot point. Maze of Feelings are a Maze of Feelings. Some of it will be so familiar to the Melodic Death/Doom fans out there that this may not impress you, but for others this could be what they have been craving all along. Having two vocalists has not hurt them one iota, and the rest of the band do what they do so well, take ‘Cold Sun Of Borrowed Tomorrow’ as an example. So good, and yet, influences shine through like, well, the sun of a past day.

Having said all of the above, this is still an impressive album. Full of misery, fat riffs and meaningful tunes. It may well touch you in ways you never thought of, and it is good. Very good, I just think you may hear a song or two and just go back to the comfort zone. Give it a chance at least. May I suggest you start at the very end and go back? A progression has occurred.

Not too bad, a lot of potential here. It’s up to you to decide now.


Track Listing:
1. Drained Souls Asylum
2. Adherents Of Refined Severity
3. Where Orphaned Daughter’s Cry
4. Necrorealistic
5. Grey Waters Of Indifference
6. Cold Sun Of Borrowed Tomorrow
7. Dreamcatcher

Band Line-up:
Andrey Karpukhin – Vocals
Ivan Guskov – Vocals
Jakub Wieczerzycki – Drums
Szymon Grodzki – Bass/Keyboards
Krzystof Wieczerzycki – Guitars
Marcin Warzynski – Guitars



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