Levania – The Day I Left Apart

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2018, Sliptrick Records
Rating: 1/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook

Gothic Metal/Metalcore is how this band has been described, and for this reviewer the title did not fill me with great confidence when this arrived in my inbox make no doubt about it. I’m old school, the only time the word Gothic should be used in Metal is when referring to the Paradise Lost classic, and as for Metalcore…..

Anyway one must keep an open mind these days so after reading the quote “We grew fonder of the more modern sub-genres, with gore and industrial being our main influences, We’ve introduced a lot more electronic elements, leaving all stereotypes related to gothic metal behind”, I became intrigued. Did they actually mean Gore? Industrial is okay but Gore? I must investigate.

Well, for a seasoned Death Metal fan, someone who grew up with the giants like Maiden and Priest, the whole start of the Thrash Metal scene and then grew to love Black Metal, I was probably the worst person in the world to hand this one to. I’m not by any means saying I am a music snob, heck Fear Factory border on the Industrial side, I don’t mind a bit of Ministry and Nail Bomb were so fucking heavy they blew my head clean off and I had to have it reattached.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no lack of talent on display here, each and every musician brings their game to the fore, but unless you are into music that sounds like a fucking soap opera you are not going to like this, yes some of the riffs are amazing but it all sounds like an entry into Eurovision to me. So much drama. So much Angst. Going back to the mighty Paradise Lost yes they even put out an album that people questioned due to its use of more electronic elements but the intent of their music was still the rottenness of humanity at its core. Did I say Core again…fuck.

Lacuna Coil got this kind of shit right enough to be bearable. Adding Core elements (and I’d sack whoever wrote the blurb and made it Gore) just makes this painful. Heck, even Apocalyptica have dithered with this kind of shit but at least they played instruments interesting enough to make you respect them. Sorry guys the whole chick sounding in need thing whilst the burly voice sounds like he is about to save you crap should have died out with Evanescence.

Revolting. Don’t even bother or you may have to spend a fortnight listening to Justin what’s his fucking name to clear your mind, yep, it’s that bad. Fans of this kind of shit will love it and shout down the walls of reality to make me see the error of my ways. Go for it, I don’t like you anyway.


Track Listing:
1. Rising
2. Trace
3. Dried Blood
4. Total Recall
5. Your Eyes And My Fear

Band Line-up:
Elena – Lead Vocals
Still – Keyboards/Vocals
Richie – Guitars
Fade –  Bass
Markus – Drums