King Goat – Debt of Aeons

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Reviewed: April, 2018
Released: 2018,
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Owen Thompson

British progressive Doomsters King Goat have returned with their second full-length album. Featuring a slew of immense tunes comprised of twisted steel guitars and heartsick, whimsical lyrics they are a band that have the potential to do great things. But they are not quite there yet.

They open things up with “Rapture”, possessed of a musty, threatening tone, and is awash with histrionic vocals that are not a million miles away from sounding like JB from Swedish titans Grand Magus. With this epic tune, the band have cultivated a groovy, soulful feel that is as crunchy as glass underfoot. So far, so promising. Next up is “Eremite’s Rest”, a mid-paced stomper that pouts and preens, but comes across as a collection of well-crafted riffs; as a song, it lacks cohesion.

The title track is a languid, hellish ride and is packed with a sense of melodrama. It slithers malevolently like a desert sidewinder. The band then choose to break up the flow with the trippy mysterious instrumental “Psychasthemia” but return to normal service with “Doldrum Sentinels”. A kaleidoscopic track full of portentous melodies and leaden guitars stitched together by a torpid and tormented aesthetic. The untitled seventh track significantly lets things down; a somewhat pointless 40-second interlude comprised of garbled, distorted voices and dreamscape keyboards. It says nothing and goes nowhere and adds precisely nothing of value. The band close things on a high note with “On Dusty Avenues”, a track of spectacular quality with its menacing heaviness, unsettling darkness and bleak atmosphere. A plethora of crypt-kicking riffs reminiscent of prime Neurosis drive along what is the best track on the album.

King Goat have clearly worked hard to create a unique and individual sound. It is often quirky and off-kilter, which is to their considerable credit. They have a style and they play it well but in accordance with this, the tracks tend to meld together seeming like one gigantic track rather than single standalone songs. “Debt Of Aeons” serves to whet the appetite. Perhaps this is a mere hors-d’oeuvre for future greatness.



  1. Rapture
  2. Eremite’s Rest
  3. Debt of Aeons
  4. Psychasthemia
  5. Doldrum Sentinels
  6. On Dusty Avenues

Band Line-Up

Reza – Bass
Jon – Drums
Petros – Lead Guitar
Joe – Rhythm Guitar
Anthony “Trim” Trimming – Vocals