Kamala – Eyes Of Creation

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: 2018, Indie
Rating 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It is always a nice feeling when a band from half-way around the planet takes the time to send you a personal note and asks you to check out their music. I know that self-promotion, is part of the job but it is nice to see independent bands working hard and reaching out. Kamala is one such band!

This thrash band contacted me and I was quite impressed by what I heard.   I’ll admit didn’t know anything about them even though they have been around about 15 years and five albums out. Their latest is a self-released effort called EYES OF CREATION. This short, nine-track album is pretty straight to the point with classic thrash songs that are short and sweet.

The three-piece is very competent and play well-executed, high-energy thrash. There are certainly lots of competition in this field but Kamala is as good as any in recent memory in terms of quality. I especially like the relentless drumming style of Isabella Moraes. It is also her debut with the band. There are some pretty sweet guitar solos courtesy of Raphael Olmos, a highlight being the ones heard on the second cut ‘Stay With Me’, which I can guarantee you, despite the title is NOT a sappy ballad! Olmos also doubles as vocalist for this power trio and his gruff voice is solid with a good gruff style and some nice roaring parts. The track ‘Purpose Of Life’ has a brief intro with what sounds like it could be indigenous instrumentation, it’s hard to tell, and some spoken word stuff, but it sounds cool. The title track is a surprisingly melodic instrumental, a shift away from the intensity of the earlier cuts but still very enjoyable.

I can’t compare then band with their back catalogue or comment on any evolution but I do know that I like this enough that I’ll go and check some of their previous work. I’d recommend this to pretty much any thrash fan!


Track Listing:

  1. Internal Peace

  2. Stay With Me

  3. Open Door

  4. Something To Learn

  5. Purpose Of Life

  6. Believe

  7. Deep Breath

  8. Eyes Of Creation

  9. Wake Up

 Line Up:

Raphael Olmos, Vocals, Guitar

Allan Malavasi, Bass

Isabela Moreas, Drums


Contact: https://www.facebook.com/kamalaofficial