Crystal Ball – Crystallizer

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Reviewed: April 2018
Released: April 27th, 2018 / Massacre Records
Rating: 3.5 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

These Swiss melodic hard rockers are back with their 10th album in nearly two decades and it is a pretty good one. Melodic and hard rock is certain here when pushing one into a specific genre, but it is also just some good ‘ole heavy metal. Yeah, that works too.

Not being all that familiar with Crystal Ball’s back catalog, being able to last 20 years and release 10 studio albums has got to say something about a band. Right? It says, these guys have a strong fan base and enjoy their craft.

This one right away was on my “like list” after the first listen. For those unaware of the existence of this band, they are one to check out if you are into metal. They do not come across as too heavy of a metal band so that’s where the melodic hard rock description comes into play. Or even power metal. For the bands avid followers, I am assuming that this is one that you are going to want to get your hands on right away.

Musically to me they come off with a style reminiscent to that of Gamma Ray, Avantasia, Helloween and the likes. Each track on the disc breaths a life of its own and flows well from track to track as to not redundantly bore the listener. The songs are filled with well written and played riffs. Catchy melodies and hooks throughout. This is one of those that you catch yourself singing along to after only a couple spins.


1. Crystallizer
2. Curtain Call
3. Alive for Evermore
4. S.O.S.
5. Crazy in the Night
6. Gentleman’s Agreement
7. Let Her Go with Love
8. Beauty in the Beast
9. Death on Holy Ground
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed *
11. Exit Wound *
12. Dusty Deadly
13. Symphony of Life

Steven Mageney – Vocals
Scott Leach – Lead- & Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards
Tony T.C. Castell – Rhythm Guitars
Marcel Sardella – Drums
Cris Stone – Bass