Convocation – Scars Across

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Reviewed: April, 2018
Released: 2018,
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Owen Thompson

Apparently, Convocation began life as an out and out Death Metal entity before moving into a doomier territory. The band are comprised of LL (also a member of Desolate Shrine) and MN (also a member of Dark Buddha Rising), they pooled their talents four years ago in Helsinki with the intent on experimenting with dark, mystical sounds (heavy guitars, keyboards, organs etc), and expressing their innate misanthropy. This is the result.

The album begins with the putrid and funereal “Disposed”. A harrowing melange of deep, savage vocals, bad trip psychedelia, and a slow-motion cement mixer Death Metal, it is both mesmerising and soporific. It is simply a perverse dreamstate of a track. The glacial riffs and tormented choral vocals that comprise “Ruins of Ourselves” can be summed up as torture of the most sadistic kind delivered to a masochist of the most deviant kind.
“Allied POWs” is a song of grimy, fetid guttural terror grinding away as pastoral organs linger in the background, ushering in a feeling of utter hopelessness. Positively agonising.

The album’s title track and centrepiece begins with an almost angelic neo-classical piano intro before borrowing the intro guitar riff from Slayer’s “213” which they proceed to grind into dust. An ugly, self-absorbed exercise in sonic tyranny, it closes the album in an appropriately cataclysmic vein.

Whilst affecting and well performed, “Scars Across” is not an album without flaws. In my view, the guitars are not heavy enough and are too low in the mix. All of the tracks are long and sometimes seem a little ponderous. However, there is much to enjoy here. The album sounds as though it was recorded in a mortuary, and the sparing use of clean vocals are absolutely terrifying. Decent effort.


Album Tracklisting

  1. Disposed
  2. Ruins of Ourselves
  3. Allied POWs
  4. Scars Across

Band Line-Up

LL – All Instruments
MN – Vocals