Ross The Boss Friedman

Spread the metal:

You could call Ross The Boss Friedman the busiest man in heavy metal. You could call Ross The Boss Friedman the Global Metal Ambassador and a Heavy Metal Hall of Famer and you would be correct about all of that. I like to call Ross The Boss “The Greatest of all-time.” You want the tale of the tape? OK. He co-founded Manowar,  inventing the power metal genre in the works. He was a punk rock pioneer in The Dictators. Never resting on his laurels he recently tore our heads off with the Death Dealer super-group… and now my favorite guitarist in all of heavy metal returns with his third Ross The Boss band record “By Blood Sworn” a tour de force of facemelting riffery, aggressive soaring vocals and fist pumping, earth shaking fury. “By Blood Sworn” will take your head clean off your shoulders when it hits shelves April 20th. For now, sit back and enjoy this chat with the man himself!