Pandemoniac Wolf March – Calgary Alberta – March 9, 2018

Watain + Deströyer 666 + Revenge

The Palace Theater Calgary, Alberta

March 9, 2018

Photos & Review by Monika Deviat

Watain has been touring across North America since February on the Pandemoniac Wolf March tour supporting their newest release Trident Wolf Eclipse [Century Media Records, 2018]. Joining the Swedish death metal band were Deströyer 666 and Canada’s Revenge. The tour stopped into the Palace Theater in Calgary Alta., on March 9th, 2018.

Revenge, hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, are always exciting to see live. Their short set was played with hostile ferocity to a sizeable crowd. There wasn’t too much movement from the crowd, but Revenge had everyone’s attention. Founder, J. Read was maniacal behind the drum kit, leaving the vocals – which he does on the albums – to Vermin and Haasiophis. The guitarist and bassist punished the crowd with decimating riffs and a mix of growling or screeching vocals.

Deströyer 666 put on a hell of a show at the Palace and the crowd loved it. The thrash act looks the part they play and they dominated the stage with aggression and charisma. The band has a very in your face presence and frontman KK Warslut would incite the crowd even more with his banter and middle finger salutes from the stage. The fervent headbanging and moshing endured throughout the set, and when the band left the stage the crowd tried to chant them back for one more song, but the techs began readying the stage for the final act of the night.

Anticipation was high as the stage was prepared for the final act and the props were revealed and set up. The stage set up included tridents and inverted cross along the front of the stage, the Band’s banners and an alter by the drum kit. A few people were even taking video of the set up…

To my amusement, security warned me numerous times about the blood that might be sprayed into the crowd. The amount of blood used turned out to be very minimal compared to another time I’ve shot the band, and I only got a little bit on me this time. The venue also didn’t allow the band to use fire in their act – the current strict rules on using fire in venues is  limiting many artists, fire eaters, etc., in Calgary. None of this kept frontman Erik Danielsson from creating and pulling the crowd into his ritual on stage.

The set started with an older track, “Devil’s Blood” then moved into newer material. Watain recently released, Trident Wolf Eclipse  has been well received, but the number of tracks from the new album were kept to a minimum. Even with the slower atmospheric moments and songs, the compelling energy from the stage never wavered. Watain’s stage presence and  kept the audience enthralled through the whole set. Again the crowd tried to get one more song, but “The Serpents Chalice” was the true end of the night.

Thank you to Concertworks for the press pass and brining this tour in to Alberta! JP was going to be my reviewer, but was still out sick during this show. And I can’t be trusted to write a review in a timely fashion when its Milky Way time…

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