Obituary + Exmortus + Ingested @ ULU Live, London

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Obituary + Exmortus + Ingested

@ ULU Live, London

March 10, 2018

Review by Sabrina Selkis

Photography by Oliver M.

It is Saturday night and what could be better than a night of old school death metal! The pioneers of this genre are in London town and we aree ready for the mayhem to come. Tonight, the chaos is happening at the University of London in Euston. The 1000 people capacity venue is an odd choice, but nonetheless when filled with metalheads you always feel at home. At least the beers were cheaper.

Our reviewer unfortunately missed Ingested. Here are some pictures from their set:


1. Narcissistic Apathy
2. Copremesis
3. Manifesting Obscenity
4. Individious
5. Titanomachy
6. The Divine Right of Kings
7. Skinned and Fucked
8. Anal Evisceration

When I arrive, Exmortus are about to get on stage. The American technical Trash/Death metal band plays in front of quite a good sized crowd, and unleash their riffs. Opening with “Rising”, we are thrown into some powerful sound, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez. The four piece band is full of energy, which is passed on the crowd which headbang at unison in return. I am new to this band, but I have to admit that their shred-heavy force makes it impossible for me not to headbang.

Exmortus formed in 2002 and have four albums under their belt. They definitely have their own sound, quite unique to be honest, as there is some power metal elements too.

What could be messy and make no sense actually works out quite well. The energetic “Immortality Made Flesh” is the track I enjoyed the most, Jadran Gonzalez and Chase Becker truly tear up their fretboards, this is fast, heavy, the drums are pounding.

Fans are clapping, the mosh pit is very active, sweat is in the air already! Closing with “Metal Is King”, the band has shown no rest throughout their set, the fans neither. Till we meet again, Exmortus!

1. Rising
2. For The Horde
3. Death To Tyrants
4. Immortality Made Flesh
5. Foe Hammer
6. Make Haste
7. Feast Of Flesh
8. Moonlight Sonata (Act 3)
9. Metal Is King

As the changeover happens, there is a significant increase in the attendees number. I manage to squeeze quite close to the stage.

Lights off, the crowd is roaring, the musicians first get onstage and when vocalist John Tardy joins them, all bets are off. When the guitar riffs of their opening track “Redneck Stomp” start, the crowd goes into full animal mode!

I already know there is no way I can survive this in one piece. “Sentence Day” is next, taken from their eponymously titled tenth studio album released in March last year.

The sound of the venue is very good, it renders well the complexity and mastery of Obituary’s music. By then I have already found refuge towards the back of ULU.

The mosh pit is very intense, I can see legs flying already. Follows “Visions In My Head”, again from last year’s album. It is actually my favourite from that release, the fast heavy shredding always gets to me.

Then it is back to the 1990 album “Cause Of Death” with the track “Chopped In Half”…Oh, hell has been unleashed.

As the evening progresses, Obituary delivers a high quality performance, proving they are legends and nowhere near retirement, even though they formed in 1982!

We are treated to an encore, and what could be more perfect than closing with “Slowly We Rot”. Hail Obituary, we are not worthy!

1. Redneck Stomp
2. Sentence Day
3. Visions in My Head
4. Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out
5. Find the Arise
6. A Lesson in Vengeance
7. Brave
8. Dying
9. No
10. Til Death
11. Don’t Care
12. Turned to Stone
13. Straight To Hell
14. Slowly We Rot