Cradle Of Filth : Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

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The 7th of March 2018

Nosturi, Helsinki FINLAND


Cradle Of Filth has always divided the metal audience to the love-hate camps. Even though the band rises and causes a different kind of opinions and thoughts amongst the metal crowd, they still enjoy and have the loyal following in the metal genre, there is no doubt about that. Last time COF did an indoor gig with the Australian progressive metallers Ne Obliviscaris a few years ago here in Finland and of course, they have visited some festivals during the past few years. They definitely have the massive and loyal fanbase in Finland, that could be witnessed, when the long line of fans with the gothic dress was outside the Nosturi club waiting to get in. After all, the whole gig was totally sold out and the place was totally packed.

Cradle Of Filth has been on the European tour, supporting the latest awesome album CRYPTORIANA – The Seductiveness of Decay,  along with the Portuguese dark metallers Moonspell. It was a real disappointment as Moonspell wasn’t able to arrive at Finland with COF since Fernando and companies have always had got the truly fantastic respond and turn-out in Finland. Besides if both the bands had arrived here, the Nosturi club would have been far too small for both the bands.

The British six-piece metallers kicked off the 90 minute set of the black/gothic show right on time.  Starting out “Gilded Cunt” off from the NYMPHETAMINE album and was followed by “Beneath the Howling Stars” and “Blackest Magick in Practice”. During the 90 minute, the band basically covered all the albums by picking up at least one song from each album, leaving quite a minimal amount of time for the material of CRYPTORIANA. After all two songs got blasted out of that album. On the other band, it was truly understandable as a band like Cradle Of Filth having a massive back catalog with tons of great songs, the fans are willing to hear a particular song from a certain output. Therefore creating a setlist could be a pretty nightmarish task.  The setlist was a dream-come-true kind of thing for the COF fans to hear songs such as “Bathory Aria”, “Dusk and Her Embrace”, “Her Ghost in the Fog” in retrospect.

The frontman and icon of the outfit Dani Filth has been tormenting his voice cords nearly 25 years with the personal and recognizable screaming and delivery, there was no a sign of that grim slowdown seen or heard in his voice that dramatically. His way of handling the voice is pretty controlled from the high pitched screaming to the grimdark sounding growling which has been the trademark for the COF sounds. Of course, these constant and long tours definitely consume and wear vocals out. The female keyboard player and singer Lindsay Schoolcraft’s role is definitely obvious and plays a big part in Cradle Of Filth. Her voice balances between the music and Dani’s approach to creating the more beautiful and hair-raising operatic atmosphere.  Both the guitarists have adjusted themselves to their spot on the stage that belongs to them.

As the main tour with Moonspell ended up to Stockholm, the band’s own equipment was left there and therefore the Finnish gig was partly carried out and handled with the rental equipment. The sounds were all in all fine, but they were surprisingly silent.  The plexiglass cover placed around the drum set may look a bit weird for fans, there is a good explanation; the sounds of the drums can be controlled easily and it didn’t come out that powerful dominating the guitar parts, creating that cacophonous feeling. Obviously, there were some technical issues, as Dani Filth seemed to communicate with a technician a few times and his voice got lost at least a couple of times. Apparently, the borrowed equipment wasn’t in the right balance.

Although members have come and gone in Cradle Of Filth during these years, Dani Filth definitely deserves all the respect for guiding the ship and being able to maintain the success a year after year and even reach the new fan generation.  That could be seen as there was a number of young attendances who were not even born when the debut album The Principle of Evil Made Flesh came out back in 1994. Although the tour has been long and still continue, the Filths showed to be extremely vital and an energic live band having no sign of getting bored or tired.

Gilded Cunt
Beneath the Howling Stars
Blackest Magick in Practice
Heartbreak and Seance
Bathory Aria
Dusk and Her Embrace
The Death of Love
You Will Know the Lion by His Claw
The Promise of Fever
Nymphetamine (Fix)
Her Ghost in the Fog
Born in a Burial Gown
From the Cradle to Enslave