Iced Earth live in Calgary, March 3rd, 2018

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with Sanctuary, Kill Ritual and Divinity

Calgary, Alberta

Marquee Beer Gardens

March 3rd, 2018


Review by JP

Photos by Jeff T. 


Cold outside but hot inside; it is a common theme for winter shows in Canada.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 was the night the Iced Earth Incorruptible tour rolled into town. The venue was the less-than-popular Marquee club. It’s not a bad venue, it’s quite nice actually, but it usually caters to a different clientele…most hip-hop kids, so mandatory coat-check, ID scans and pat-downs, overpriced drinks served by plastic waitresses were the norm. It was also a super early show, ending well before Midnight, before they kick out the bangers and the cool kids in designer clothing start lining up for their all-night ‘thump’-‘thump’-‘thump’ music. That’s Ok, for four hours it was Metal heaven starting with popular locals Divinity.

The sextet ripped through a 30-minute set, with excellent use of background music and effects IO may add, to a slightly empty room, probably most fans not expecting such an early start. Their modern and dynamic thrash with dual vocal attack was a great start to the night.



Up next was Kill Ritual. They are touring in support of their 4th full-length studio album, ALL MEN SHALL FAIL. These grizzled rock dogs from the US are lead by former Imagika dude, Steve Rice.   They ran through a 30 minute set and they were the most traditional Metal act on the bill.


Up next was quite a curiosity. Sanctuary, with only two original remaining members left hit the stage. I suspect these shows happened to honour contract commitments and the band carried on after the untimely passing of Dane. New singer Joseph Michael (Witherfall) was the man for the job. He has incredible range and power and did justice to the Sanctuary songs. They ran through a 45 minute set, and in reality Sanctuary has very little material anyway, so we got a nice little sampling of stuff, (new and old) including ‘Battle Angels’ and ‘Taste Revenge’.






As my buddy put it, “They were the best Sanctaury tribute band I’ve ever seen!” Supposedly this was a one-time tour but you never know, there is no reason why the band can’t continue on. Countless bands have lost their singer and carried on from AC/DC, to Iron Maiden, to Judas Priest to Van Halen, to name just a few.

Iced Earth comes to Calgary on every tour cycle and it is always nice to see them.   Vocalist Stu Block is from the area so he had lots of local supporters and well-wishers in attendance. The band now has 13 studio albums so it must be getting pretty hard to pick a set-list. They played ‘Black Flag’, probably my favourite cut from the new album, so I was happy about that. In fact the band played half the new album, showing they do not live on past glories.


The band of course had good energy, and the room was pretty full this time, although not as full as the last couple of times where they were playing to 900-1000 capacity rooms. Iced Earth never disappoint.

It was a good night, lots of friends, good cheer and good Metal to ward off the cold.