Myopia – Transmyopic Interconnection

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Myopia Transmyopic Interconnection

Reviewed: March, 2018
Released: 2017 Self-released
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Polish sci-fi-metal trio Myopia have been around for 25 years, but only have been steadily releasing product since their debut full-length, Enter Insect Masterplan, in 2005. Yet they are one of the more interesting and unique bands in a thriving extreme metal scene in Poland.

Their sound is radically different than the variations on black/death metal we’ve come to expect from Polish bands, especially following the emergence of Behemoth onto the global stage just after the turn of the century. Instead, Myopia’s approach is far more reminiscent of progressive/technical-minded North American bands than by anyone from their home country.

Transmyopic Interconnection, the band’s fourth album, matches the industrial clangor and clamor of Voivod’s Killing Technology/Dimension Hatross era with the freewheeling dexterity and complexity the mythic Watchtower demonstrated so magnificently in their two albums from the ’80s – Energetic Disassembly and Control And Resistance – before disappearing. And it makes for a rather dizzying, though briskly paced journey, with its 10 tracks flying by in a very tidy – especially by prog standards – 3o minutes.

But punk-like efficiency has long been one of Myopia’s hallmarks, despite the technical and theatrical nature of their albums – with none breaking the 40-minute mark despite each being a conceptual work chronicling the inter-dimensional adventures of Myopia the Creature. Transmyopic Interconnection is the shortest yet, but it is still jam-packed with surreal arrangements, twisty-turny riffs and a multitude of tempos – often within the body of each song.

Tracks like the back-to-back mind-fuckers “Solar Flare” and “Geomagnetic Storm” feel Dali-esque, with seemingly random components coming together to form the finished songs – even if they just approximate the look, or in this case, sound of traditional tunes. Forget verse-chorus-verse, your lucky to get any verses or choruses at all here, as bassist Robert Kocoń’s vocals follows the music’s fits, starts and erratic flight path as he narrates Myopia the Creature’s travels.

As with late Voivod guitarist Piggy, it’s Robert Słonka’s jangly, shimmering fretwork that provides what order there is in the chaos here. He offers loads of catchy accents – brief though they often are – but it’s enough to keep things on course, relatively speaking anyway.

Still, at a half-hour Transmyopic Interconnection is probably about all anyone but the most hardened tech-metal nerd can handle in one sitting. Any more would be sensory overload, and it’s darn near that as it is.


Track Listing:
1. Introh
2. Myopia The Creature
3. Biocontinuum Dimension
4. Solar Flare
5. Geomagnetic Storm
6. Astroannihilation
7. Postapokalyptic
8. Myopia The God
9. Underredeveloped
10. Outroh

Robert Kocoń – vocal, bass
Robert Słonka – guitar
Bogdan Kubica – drums