Eleine – Until The End

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Review Date: March, 2018

Released: 2018, Black Lodge Records

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by: Pete Mutant


Eleine have returned with their sophomore full length release ‘Until The End’, 11 more tracks of Swedish symphonic death pop which provides plenty of thrills, chills and maybe a few spills but there’s plenty on offer for those who like this kind of thing. It is certainly nothing superbly outlandish or original but it does have its own charm and some solid displays of musicianship throughout.

The mix is tight and very polished and none of the components are really outdoing the other in terms of presence or levels. The tone of the instruments is very modern as are a lot of the techniques used by the musicians in delivering the music. The riffs are pretty standard with a lot of open chugging and the occasional power chord used with cutting synths to raise the dramatic nature of the music. So fairly standard but there are moments where it comes of exceptionally.

The best feature of the music would be Madeleine Liljestam’s mesmerizing and tantalizing voice. This is, however, the feature that brings the music into a more pop centred style but she has a great range and songs such as ’Sanity’ and ‘Whisper My Child’ have a solid chorus which breaks up the sometimes theatrical yet uninspiring rhythm that makes up the main body of the song. We do get a decent riff on the title track and some decent leadwork from guitarist Richard Ekberg backed by some well constructed blasts from drummer David Eriksson but ‘Sanity’ comes in again with the best display of lead work on the guitar which is then outdone by Sebastian Berglund on the keyboards.

There are some features that break away from the structure of the other tracks. ‘Please’ has no ties to the metal side of the band but is a strong and atmospheric track which is well layered and performed. We get a short instrumental as the penultimate song on the album in ‘Prelude: Arise’ before we finish with a live track in ‘Break Take’. So there is a bit of variety and some quality but I feel that this doesn’t really push the boat out and there are not many unique qualities that make Eleine stand out from the crowd, but they can still make some good music that fits nicely within the genre.



  1. Story Untold
  2. Echoes
  3. Sanity
  4. From The Grave
  5. Whisper My Child
  6. Until The End
  7. Please
  8. Another Rite
  9. Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)
  10. Prelude: Arise
  11. Break Take Live

Band line-up:

Rikard Ekberg – Vocals, guitars

Madeleine “Eleine” Liljestam – Vocals

Andreas Mårtensson – Bass

David Eriksson – Drums

Sebastian Berglund – Keyboards

Band Websites:



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