BlackWulf – Sinister Sides

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March 2018
Released: February, Ripple Music
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Blackwulf are proud to present upon you the listener their 3rd release SINISTER SIDES. A vintage sounding doom laden metal that is sure to blow the socks off fans of the genre as well as any heavy music fan out there. This is my first from the band and I’m sure it will not be my last.

So, I guess never really got into the genre of ‘stoner metal’ when it came around. To me, I figured most metal heads were already stoners so heavy metal in general was stoner metal. Right? Yeah, after I read that line it does come off sounding stupid. Oh well. I might also add, there is no need to be stoned to enjoy this album.

As of the past few years I myself have really been getting into more of the vintage ‘70’s metal. The hunt for vinyl is a bit more fun as well. So I can truly appreciate what Blackwulf has to offer. An offering that is genuinely, a great album. Fan of the genre or not, SINISTER SIDES is the closest thing to an actual work of art that I have heard in a long, long time.

Each track offers a life of its own as to not all run together along the same lines. There are plenty of somber, doom-laden riffs throughout that provide just the right amount of groove so as not to put the listener to sleep. The style of ‘70s vintage heavy metal is becoming increasingly more popular each day with reissues and newer bands sticking with the style as well. It is one that I have been getting into more and more these days. Blackwulf to me has several nuances to bands of old and new. Black Sabbath, Witchcraft, Kadavar, Graveyard and Pentagram are a few you can hear throughout. SINISTER SIDES features the guitars of Bedemon/Pentagram founder Geof O’Keefe if that tells you something.

For some close minded metal heads, (I was one myself) the genre of stoner metal is not just a bunch of slow droning guitars to doze to. No, it is a genre of some of the most talented writers and musicians in the music scene today. Even with the vintage feel and sound, it is a refreshing style that is getting the attention it deserves these days. And Blackwulf is a band that is helping to make that happen. They are one that will be remembered for the ages. SINISTER SIDES is an instant classic!



  1. Gate of Sorrow

  2. Sinister Sides

  3. Waiting on Tomorrow

  4. Dead to the World

  5. Blind to Fate

  6. The Tempest

  7. Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)

  8. Battle Line


Scott Peterson – Bass

Dave Pankenier – Drums

Pete Holmes – Guitars

Alex Cunningham – Vocals


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