SAVAGE MASTER Announces European Tour

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The Kentucky occult heavy metallers SAVAGE MASTER, are coming back to Europe for a full tour to promote their latest release, the “Creature Of The Flames” EP. The band will visit Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, France and Austria. “Creature Of The Flames” was released on Friday 13, October 2017 – its CD version was released by Skol Records, while the 12″ vinyl version was available on High Roller Records. The mini album includes four brand new SAVAGE MASTER songs, and a cover of the HOLOCAUST classic “Death Or Glory” song.

SAVAGE MASTER plays pure old school heavy metal, which follows the tradition of acts such as CIRITH UNGOL, BITCH, early JUDAS PRIEST and MERCYFUL FATE, while their stage image is a tribute to classic horror movies such as “Black Sunday” (aka “The Mask Of Satan”), and the legendary Hammer Films productions. All SAVAGE MASTER recordings are being made the traditional way: recorded in an all analogue studio, and mixed and mastered without digital editing and digital tools.

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09/03/2018 – Hell Over Hammaburg, Hamburg, Germany

10/03/2018 – K 19, Kassel, Germany

11/03/2018 – Alte Meierei, Kiel, Germany

12/03/2018 – Zille, Goppingen, Germany

14/03/2018 – Gerber 3, Weimar, Germany

15/03/2018 – Szenario, Marburg, Germany

16/03/2018 – MTS Music Store, Oldenburg, Germany

17/03/2018 – Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany

18/03/2018 – De Nobel, Leiden, Holland

19/03/2018 – Colloseum, Genk, Belgium

22/03/2018 – The Black Heart, London, England

23/03/2018 – Nice ‘n’ Sleazey, Glasgow, Scotland

24/03/2018 – Think Tank, Newcastle, England

26/03/2018 – Thunderbird Lounge, Saint Etienne, France

27/03/2018 – to be announced

28/03/2018 – Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe, Germany

29/03/2018 – to be announced

30/03/2018 – Live Stage, Innsbruck, Austria

31/03/2018 – to be announced