Interview with Cabrakaan

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Marko Cipaktli (Drums/Harsh vocals) | Pat Cuikani (Vocals/Ocarinas) | Paul Belmar (Guitar) | Nakuset Gould (Bass) | Alex Navarro (Guitar) Photo Credit: Alex Herrera

Interview with Pat Cuikani of Cabrakaan

by JP

March Of The Frozen Western Canadian Tour Dates:

Feb 15 – Kelowna, BC – Muninn’s Post
Feb 16 – Calgary, AB – Distortion
Feb 17 – Edmonton, AB – The Forge On Whyte
Feb 18 – Regina, SK – Cloud 9

As a Mexican band coming to Canada to do a tour in the winter…are you crazy?

Since the moment we founded the band, we dreamed of going on tour to other countries, regardless of the weather and the distance. Now that we have the privilege of doing it here in your country, we feel very fortunate. It’s very cold, yes but we are enjoying it very much!!

 Tell us about how the “March Of The Frozen Western Canadian Tour”.  How it come about?

Our manager, Celestia Scarlett, told us about this tour that includes Folk Metal bands from Alberta and asked us if we would be interested in being part of it. We were very excited about that and we accepted without hesitation. Actually, it’s the first time we share the stage with other Folk Metal bands so we are really looking forward to playing at these shows.

Is this your first Canadian tour?

That’s right, last year we were lucky to participate in the Metalocalypstick festival in B.C., but this is our first Tour in Canada and we are very excited and grateful!

 What is the thing you are most looking forward too? 

We are putting all our effort into this tour, and we want the public to be satisfied with our music and our show.

 Tell us a bit about your new album.    What does the title Cem Anahuac mean?

The meaning of Cem Anahuac is “The land surrounded by great waters” that refers to the territory occupied by the ancient civilizations in America. It is also the name of one of the songs that contain the album, in which they will find different stories and characters, as well as various musical surprises.


 Which label is the new album going to be on? 

At the moment we do not work with any label, but we hope soon to be signed by one. Cem Anahuac will be an independent release.

 On a related note, what does Cabrakaan mean? 

Cabrakaan is the god of mountains and earthquakes, in Mayan mythology is a character that appears in The Council Book, Popol Vuh.

 How important is it to you to incorporate some of those traditional elements and instruments into your music? 

Although in this new album, there are some of the tracks in which the instruments and elements of folkloric origin are not appreciated, they are extremely important in our sound, since we consider them as a seal of Cabrakaän the use of the immense range of folk instruments, with which our culture counts.

 This is a cliche question, but what can the fans expect to see when you hit town? 

A show worthy of an excellent audience, we’ve been preparing this tour for several months for you all, both in the musical aspect and in the visual. We want Canada to stay with a very good taste and, of course, to reach more ears of this side of the continent.