Raging Fate – Gods Of Terror

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Raging Fate - Gods Of TerrorReviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It was another banner year for the American record label, Stormspell Records so I’ve decided to do a round-up of what this respected True Metal label was up to in 2017. I’m reviewing the following ten bands in this feature.

Ancient Empire
Blazon Stone
Fire Strike
Outer Limits
Raging Fate
Yuri Fulone

Feel free to check out all the reviews. If you are like me, if you like one of these albums on this consistent and focused theme label you’ll probably like ‘em all!

It’s truly impressive the amount of high quality Power Metal coming out of Sweden and Stormspell seems to have its finger on the pulse of that scene. Raging Fate is yet another new band who have issued their debut this year.

Raging Fate automatically gets my attention with a cool band name, great logo/font, really awesome cover art, GODS OF TEROR just looks totally Metal from the onset. Luckily the music matches the visual component!

Founded by Mattias Lovdal, he was lucky (or clever) enough to recruit veteran drummer Ronnie Milianowicz. Therefore, it goes without saying, the drumming is above average.   Lovdal sings in a gruff tone adding even a bit more Power to the style, this trio bring more of a USPM style, than a frilly keyboard-laced tone. The album is pretty fast and the guitar tone is reminiscent at times of older Running Wild.

The lyrics cover a wide variety of topics, all loosely associated with fear or terror, songs about werewolves, vampires, Viking invaders, cowboy outlaws all things that normal people might fear coming across. Good riffs, good aggressive performances and a nice driving feel on many songs help lift this album above the pack. Stand out tracks for me are, ‘Tombstone’ and the raging, ‘Reign Of Evil’.

Another really impressive debut album, making it harder and harder to choose newcomers of the year!


Track Listing:
1. Gods of Terror
2. Evilization
3. Tombstone
4. Shores in Flames
5. Purifying Fire
6. Trapped in the Lie
7. Vampire
8. A Bitter Man’s Fate
9. Reign of Evil
10. The Curse

Ronny Milianowicz – Drums
Andreas Andersson – Guitars
Mattias Lövdal – Vocals, Bass, Guitar