Noturnall – 9

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Reviewed: February, 2018 
Released: 2018, Rockshots Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Kire Jovanovski

From Brazil, to be more accurate, Sao Paulo, we have the comeback of Noturnall. They are back with their third album named “9”. The album is recommended for fans who like the music of Symphony X, Angra, Shaman. The album features 9 tracks with mainly different rhythms in every song.

The 5 man band did a great job making the whole concept of the album with the riffs, lyrics and drum fills. The thing that I didn’t really like about the album is the style difference in all the songs, because as soon as you get in the metal mood, you get turned down by a lighter song. Also, a huge mark that caught my attention, there is at least 1 pop(ish) sounding track that doesn’t fit in any way. It just bursts your mood and kind of sets you down of the previous fast riff song.

I’d rate this album 3 out of 5 because the band has a great composure, you can see the work that is invested in the album, but it sometimes just doesn’t sound good, for what the band should really look on their next full-length album.


Track Listing: 
1. Hey / 2. Change / 3. Wake Up! /4. Moving On / 5. Mysterious / 6. Hearts As One / 7. What You Waiting For / 8. Shadows / 9. Pain

Fernando Quesada – Bass
Junior “Juninho” Carelli – Keyboards
Thiago Bianchi – Vocals
Henrique Pucci – Drums
Brunno Henrique – Guitar