Lucid Dreaming – Chronicles Pt. II

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Reviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, RTS Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It took a few years but I was so delighted to learn of the return of Lucid Dreaming   The Germans have returned with Chronicles Part II!

The band, no longer on Limb Records, have found themselves a home at a smallish label called RTS and as you might surmise from the title continue with the next part of the conceptual series. The album (or audiobook as it is referred to in the liner notes) is based on the book, Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander. Founder and mainman, Till Oberboßel has largely recruited many of the same vocal talents as the last album; namely singers (past and present) from Zed Yago, Forsaken, Root, Elvenpath, Emerald, Shadowkepp, Battleroar and many others, each reprising a role from the debut.   The 16-page booklet documents everything, and who are the ‘Dramatis Personae’  (aka guest singers!)

Sonically, the band has not changed since the debut so there is a nice consistency in sound and style for this epic Power Metal band. If anything, the performances are just very slightly more restrained, maybe the album is a shade slower overall but still top-quality. Following that line of thinking, probably my favourite cut is the speedy ‘Judgement Day’ with multiple amazing opening screams!  As far as Metal Operas go, this is world class.

Like most Metal Operas CHRONICLES Pt. II has a slightly progressive tendencies, instrumental passages, multiple characters and longer than average songs.  In fact four songs run over eight minutes on this 73 minute long epic adventure.  I know the term ‘epic’ is often overused and misused, but it IS actually an epic;  the story of a person on an adventure/quest.  It meets the classical Greek definition of ‘epic’ with ease as well as being bombastic!

It has been four long years since the debut blew me away, and as cliché as it sounds, this was worth the wait.  Power Metal fans need to go on their own epic quest to find (and buy!) and hear this wonderful record!


Lucid Dreaming - picture by Günter Scharf 
Lucid Dreaming – picture by Günter Scharf

Track Listing:
1. Introduction / 2. Who I Am / 3. Morva’s Marshes / 4. Man Of The Land / 5. Cantevs of Pyrdaivn / 6. Judgement Day / 7. Temptation / 8. The Fate Of Fools / 9. My Land Of Pain / 10. Summer’s End

Line Up:
Till Oberboßel- Guitar, Bass, Keyboards