Jacobs Dream – Sea Of Destiny

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Jacobs Dream - Sea Of DestinyReviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, Retroactive Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Jacobs Dream are back! After 11 long years they have returned with a brand new studio album. This one slipped under my radar when it was released back in July of 2017. When I was doing my year in review analysis in January of 2018, I realized I had missed this album. So let that be a lesson to everyone…don’t make your ‘Album of The Year’ lists too early or you will miss some gems!

SEA OF DESTINY is the 7th album by this re-activated American Power Metal group. After leaving Metal Blade Records sometime around 2002, 2003, they put out a three independent albums (or at least on very small labels) quite quickly in 2005, 2008 and 2009 respectively and then…silence…

Bands this good don’t just go away and so with the return of the original vocalist, David Taylor they are back with an album on Retroactive Records. This 12 track, hour-long album is a very welcome return indeed. All the hallmarks of this excellent band are thankfully still present and intact.

SEA OF DESTINY is chock full of good weighty riffs, nice tempos and an adherence to the purest elements of Heavy Metal. Oddly enough despite the fine vocal performances of David, my favourite cut just might be the instrumental, ‘Echoes Of Birmingham’ which because they are American band, I can only assume is a tribute to all the great bands from Birmingham, Alabama, bands like Bloated Carcass and Stoned Cobra. Although…in hindsight it might be about that other Birmingham, the one in England, birthplace of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest etc… Regardless, the track brings a little extra fire to the fire and bleeds into another rager called ‘Into The Night’. Every song is strong, classically composed arranged and performed, no extra frills, just solid Metal to the core.

I’ve always associated Jacobs Dream with other hard-working, long suffering, mid-level USPM bands like Gothic Knights, Jag Panzer, New Eden, Obsession, Helstar and that whole gang. If you not familiar with Jacobs Dream, and any of those above listed bands appeal to you, or if you lost track of Jacobs Dream over the years (like I did) then SEA OF DESTINY is great place to start!

Track Listing:

1. Where Vultures Gather / 2. Cry The Viking / 3. Independence / 4. Sea Of Destiny / 5. Echoes Of Birmingham / 6. Into The Night / 7. Combustion / 8. Lady Of Sorrows / 9. Down / 10. Echoes of Torment / 11. Crucible / 12. Truth

Line Up: 

David Taylor-Vocals
Jon Noble-Guitar
John Berry-Guitar
James Evans-Bass
Gary L. Holtzman-Drums