Genus Ordinis Dei – Great Olden Dynasty

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Genus Ordinis Dei - Great Olden DynastyReviewed: February 2018
Released: 2017, Eclipse Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Metal Rules UK Team

I imagine many readers will, like me, be impecunious enough to be very familiar with Sainsbury’s ‘Value’ or Tesco’s ‘Everyday’ ranges. The ones that are, by and large, perfectly good quality products, but not necessarily ones to get too excited about. They are usually packaged in white and luminous colours seemingly intent on making the world abundantly aware that I have the budgeting skills of a five year old on speed.

Genus Ordinis Dei rather reminds me of this.

If you can have something like ‘everyday cheese’, you’d have it in a sandwich as something to eat, not something to savour, and likewise Genus Ordinis Dei is something to stick on as ‘everyday metal’. Sounds like metal, does the job, but is a little bit humdrum.

This is the second full-length album by the Italian outfit, and includes a guest appearance from Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil (another band I’ve always found superlatively average). It includes the usual mawkish and insincere histrionics I’ve come to associate many things vaguely symphonic metal. It’s a shame as there’re some moments of really interesting rhythmic experimentation, such as on tracks like ‘The Flemish Obituary’, which I would love if it wasn’t for the over-the-top emotional pretensions. ‘Morten’ really brings this to a head, with a piano motif that is actively irritating.

I’ve seen other reviewers cream their pants over this, so perhaps I am just not fit to judge, but I find this over-produced, melodramatic and supremely uninspiring.



Genus Ordinis Dei

Track Listing:
1. The Unleashed / 2. You Die in Roma / 3. Cold Water / 4. The Flemish Obituary / 5. Sanctuary Burns / 6. Morten / 7. ID 13401 / 8. Halls of Human Delights / 9. Salem / 10. Greyhouse

Nick K – Vocals and Guitars
Tommy Matermind – Guitars
Steven F. Olda – Bass
Richard Meiz – Drums