Ensiferum – Two Paths

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Reviewed: February 2018
Released: 2107 , Metal Blade
Rating:  4/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

From album to album, many bands of every genre experiment, changes things up a bit here or there in order to not become stale in the vast universe of music. And depending on the genre, how many bands are out there that need to keep changing it up in order to keep their listeners engaged and how many others can and have been churning out the same riffs for decades? That question is better left for another time.

Ensiferum share one of those genres where it can be important to keep their fans engaged as the pool of folk-metal bands to me is not very full. Now to me, most of the folk-metal albums I own all seem to have a style of their own whether I can truly decipher.  Who is who with some is something else left for another time.

Ensiferum’s latest offering sees them venturing a bit more back to their folkish roots on TWO PATHS, something they did not focus a lot on with their last release. Sometimes more of a good thing can render the exact opposite response. Here, it seems to be just the right amount. Their epic to symphonic metal style is once again done very well. With a melodic death metal mix and like I said, just the right amount of folk melodies, TWO PATHS is almost the perfect introduction to the genre for the virgin ear.

For the diehards, you should get a bit of everything that Ensiferum has been churning out through the years without much disappointment. After a few listens to this the past couple weeks, it has really grown on me. Even though I really liked it after the first spin, it does tend to need a bit more digestion. A good offering. Check it out!


Track List:
Ajattomasta unesta / 2. For Those About to Fight for Metal / 3. Way of the Warrior / 4. Two Paths / 5. King of Storms / 6. Feast with Valkyries / 7. Don’t You Say / 8. I Will Never Kneel / 9. God Is Dead / 10. Hail to the Victor / 12. Unettomaan aikaan / 13.God Is Dead (alternative version) / 14.Don’t You Say (alternative version)

Markus Toivonen – Guitars, Vocals (clean, choirs), Bouzouki, Percussion
Sami Hinkka – Bass, Vocals (clean, choirs, harsh), Dulcimer, Percussion
Petri Lindroos – Vocals (harsh), Guitars, Percussion
Janne Parviainen – Drums
Netta Skog – Accordion, Vocals (female, choirs)