Amberian Dawn – Darkness of Eternity

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Reviewed: February, 2018
Released: November 2017, Napalm Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Brat

As a long-time fan of this band (see my review of the album MAGIC FOREST), I’m happy that Amberian Dawn has released an eighth album, DARKNESS OF ETERNITY.

The up tempo “I’m the One” starts the album with a symphonic meets melodic, Amberian Dawn sound and Capri’s different singing styles. When “Sky is Falling” begins I start to wonder if I’m listening to Amberian Dawn or ABBA. The backing vocals and musical arrangements sound like Seppälä has been channelling the writing talents of Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. “Dragonflies” gives us a taste of Seppälä’s heavier side.

Flavours of Ulvaenus/Andersson continue throughout DARKNESS OF ETERNITY and can be heard in “Maybe”, “Ghost” and part of “Symphony Nr. 1, part 2 – Darkness of Eternity”. The melody and power of “Abyss” makes it my favourite song of the album. With “Breathe Again” Amberian Dawn takes you to yet another musical realm, this time to show-tune-land; think musical theatre meets Disney. This theme is even more reinforced with the waltz tempo of “Symphony Nr. 1, part 2 – Darkness of Eternity”.

If you are a fan of strong melodic writing, then you will love DARKNESS OF ETERNITY; however, as this album moves the band a little further from what would be traditionally considered heavy metal and, like me, prefer your melodic metal to be on the heavier or darker side, you may not get the same enjoyment in listening to DARKNESS OF ETERNITY as when listening to earlier Amberian Dawn albums.


Track listing:
1 I’m The One
2 Sky Is Falling
3 Dragonflies
4 Maybe
5 Golden Coins
6 Luna My Darling
7 Abyss
8 Ghostwoman
9 Breathe Again
10 Symphony Nr. 1, part 2 – Darkness Of Eternity

Tuomas Seppälä – songwriting, keyboards, guitar
Capri – vocals
Emil Pohjalainen – guitar
Joonas Pykälä-Aho – drums
Jukka Hoffren – bass