JP – Best of 2017

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As a life-long Metal fan, I don’t think there has ever been a ‘bad’ year for Metal!  2017 was as good or better than any other year in recent memory with hundreds of amazing albums in all genres getting released.  My Top 20 has a perfect 50-50 split with veterans vs. new bands; representing bands from 12 nations and 15 record labels and four indie bands.

1.  VICTORIUS-Heart Of The Phoenix (Massacre)

When I started to do my year-end list, I went back to see what I reviewed in 2017 and I was surprised that this album was the only one I gave a perfect score to. Power Metal Perfection.  It was one of the first albums of the year to come out (Jan 13th) and I never stopped listening to it all year.

2. DRAGONFORCE-Reaching Into Infinity (EarMusic)

3. BLOODBOUND-War Of Dragons (AFM)

4. CUSTARD-A Realm Of Tales (Pure Steel)

5. ERUPTION-Cloaks Of Oblivion (Xtreem)

6. WITHERFALL-Nocturnes And Requiems (Indie)

7. GALDERIA-Return Of The Cosmic Men (Massacre)

8. ANCESTRAL DAWN-Souldance (Spiritual Beast)

9. SILEX-Arise (Indie)

10. ALDARIA-Land Of Light (Pride & Joy)

11. POWERQUEST-Sixth Dimension (Innerwound)

12. EVERTALE-The Great Brotherwar (Noiseart)

13. EDENBRIDGE-The Great Momentum (Steamhammer)

14. OSYRON-Kingsbane (Indie)

15. GALNERYUS-Ultimate Sacrifice (Warner)

16. HOUSE OF LORDS-Saint Of The Lost Souls (Frontiers)

17. THOR-Beyond The Pain Barrier (Cleopatra)

18. CARACH ANGREN-Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten (Season Of Mist)

19. ATLAS PAIN-What The Oak Left (Scarlet)

20. SICOCIS-Requiem Of The World (M-Theory)


Best DVD/Blu-Ray:  Blackhearts (documentary)

Best EP: Ravenous-Eternal Hunger (indie)

Best Remake Album: Iron Saviour – Reforged – Riding on (AFM)

Best Live Album : Royal Hunt-2016 (Frontiers)

Best Covers Album: (tie)  Tarja- From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)  (EarMusic) /   Masterplan-Pumpkins (AFM)

Best Metal Book: Andrew’ O’ Neill: A History Of Heavy Metal

Best Concert: Hammerfall with Delain (Dicken’s Calgary, Alberta)

Best New Band (debut full length was from 2017): Ancestral Dawn-Souldance (Spiritual Beast)

My Favourite Discovery of 2017 was…Blood Rainbow

Best Comeback of 2017: Jag Panzer-The Deviant Chord (Steamhammer)

Best Local Band:  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Cobra And The Lotus-Prevail I (Napalm)

Disappointments of 2017: ManoWar announcement their retirement.

Best Album Cover Art:  Viviane-The Druid King (Indie) Artwork by Dusan Markovic