St. Elmo’s Fire – Evil Never Sleeps

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Reviewed: January 2018
Released: 2017, Pure Steel
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Northern Califonia’s St. Elmo’s Fire are back! It has been 25 years since their last release, but I’m sure the wait was well worth it.

There is quite the back story on St. Elmo’s Fire. It is a back story that I am not going to spend the time to list here. In brief, the band formed in late ’79. Yes that is correct, 1979. With critical acclaim of their first single and a couple years of extensive touring opening for such rock megastars of the day Y&T, Night Ranger, Motley Crue and Nazareth, they were quickly signed and had a proper management team that would see them release four full length albums from ’85 to ’92 which shortly after their 1992 release DESPERATE YEARS they disbanded.

Sonically, I have not much to go on from the past. And why they decided to reform after 25 years is one I also have not delved too deep into. What I can say is after checking EVIL NEVER SLEEPS out, I am glad to say I got the chance. There is nothing here that is out of this world awesome. It almost gives me the sense of this is what their release in the ‘90’s may have come off sounding like. They are dubbed melodic heavy metal, but the tracks here are a more in your face metal. Not on the melodic side by no means but an American metal sound that many bands portray.

St. Elmo’s Fire are a no nonsense heavy metal that is of the highest energy. A style they are true to. No commercial crap here, just good old fashioned metal! Welcome back guys. I hope to here more in the future. No I must back track and try to find some of those older releases.


Track Listing:
1. We Will Not Die
2. Rise
3. Betrayer
4. Lord of Thunder
5. I Begin
6. Evil Never Sleeps / Doomsday
7. Soultaker
8. Across the Nations
9. Asleep in the Never
10. Hammer
11. Unslaved
12. Wasted
13. Evil Never Sleeps / Doomsday (Alternate Version)

Jeff Jones – Guitars
Kris Gustofson – Drums
Mike Palombi – Vocals