Deserted Fear – Interview with Fabian Hildebrant and Simon Mengs

Deserted Fear
Deserted Fear
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Deserted Fear

Interview with Fabian Hildebrant and Simon Mengs

December 12, 2017 – The Forum, London

Interview by Gabor Csete

Deserted Fear
Deserted Fear

I had the luck to interview Deserted Fear after their first ever London show. The German old school death metal band opened this year’s MTV Headbangers’ Ball and they smashed it. They aren’t just amazing musicians but really nice fellas too.

It’s on guys but don’t worry we don’t have to be serious.

F.H.: We can’t be serious.

Oh, I thought so, as I saw a picture earlier today…

(Both laughing)

…where you were lacking clothes!

F.H.: Yeah, it was just a joke in Insomnium’s backstage area!

An amazing one. The guys from Insomnium told me that they are going to play a joke on you during your set, but in the end they unfortunately did not.

S.M.: Yeah, today was really packed so we had only short set-up times.
F.H.: Yeah, not much set-up time and Cavalera arrived really late and the O2 will close earlier than usual.

Deserted Fear
Deserted Fear

This was your first time in London, did you enjoy it?

F.H.: Yeah, first time in Great Britain. We enjoyed it. Very nice people, the staff here, the stage crew, very nice guys.

This is the last day of the tour, how was it?

F.H.: It went really fast. It was seventeen shows but it feels like ten or twelve. Hahaha!
S.M.: Nearly three weeks but it ran away.
F.H.: Yeah, times run fast on tour. Haha!

So what now?

F.H.: Going home to see the family again, get something to eat at Christmas. A lot. And then I think our next show is in March or April so we will write some new songs.

Already? You just released an album this year.

F.H.: Yeah, but er… It’s just gets boring not writing songs. We always like to use our free time.

So we’ll get a new album next year?

F.H.: Mmm, not next year…
S.M.: But 2019.
F.H.: …yeah, I think.
S.M.: Next year will be the writing process and recording.

Deserted Fear
Deserted Fear

Any festivals next years or tours?

F.H.: I think some festivals in Germany…
S.M.: Some summer festivals.
F.H.: …but not that many.
F.H.: Yeah, Wacken. You’re right.

Well that’s one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe.

F.H.: I’ve never been there.

You know, they have this pipe now…

S.M.: Yeah, for beer!
F.H.: Hahahaha!

How does it feel playing with these bands? I think it is amazing that you have a variety of genres.

F.H.: Honestly, I’ve never been into Cavalera stuff or Overkill, perhaps a little bit of Insomnium. Er… first time I heard Sepultura it was the new line up. And honestly I enjoy Sepultura more than these guys because they have a kind of more energetic show. I don’t know how to explain. I am not old.

Deserted Fear
Deserted Fear

Maybe they are tired.

F.H.: Yeah, that was my feeling too. But yeah, Overkill are very nice guys. I’d never been into Overkill until this tour.


F.H.: Yeah, I really enjoy their live show.

But do you like thrash?

F.H.: I like thrash, yeah, but the voice is a bit… Hahaha! But yeah, live it totally rocks. I’d not expected this from Overkill but I’m just blown away by their live show.

So basically it is just three of you in the band but you have a session musician at the gigs?

F.H.: Yeah, the songwriting is three of us – and all the organisation – but live you need a bass player, hahaha. This guy is not even our actual live bass player, as he’s got a new job and did not get any free time from his new boss. So Chris stepped in for him and he did really well I think.

Do you think you will have a bass payer involved in the future or will it be just the three of you and that’s it?

F.H.: All the bass players we’ve had so far are from far away so they can’t be involved in songwriting or organisation stuff, so we said we’d keep this as a three-piece – but if one day someone comes up with nice riffs and lives near our hometown and can be involved in rehearsing with us then yeah, why not. But our actual bass player lives two hours away. We just meet at shows.

Deserted Fear
Deserted Fear

Do you see any difference between the crowd in Germany and here in the UK?

F.H.: No.
S.M.: We saw it today only so… I don’t know. Here it’s more multicultural I think. It was obvious that here is a meltingpot of many cultures and you don’t see that in Germany that much. It’s very interesting.
F.H.: We have to go out and meet people at the merch, but people were all smiling and headbanging.

You started a bit early but there was a good amount of people at the second half of your set and they enjoyed it.

F.H.: Well, we enjoyed it too!

I enjoyed it a lot too. I hope we can see you in London next time,  maybe as headliner…

F.H.: Yeah, why not!

Thanks a lot for the beer and interview guys!

Both: Haha, thank you!