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Dusktone proudly announces the signing of Norwegian Black Metal act Natas, who officially joins the label’s roster and whose upcoming album “Pa veg… til helvette” is set for a mid 2018 release.

Crawling form the darkest shores of Norwegian west coast, the NATAS horde is determined to lead humanity away from the ingrained and outdated social, cultural and religious norms, opening eyes to a new and free dimension.

Their obscure and occult sounding Black Metal reminds of bands such as Borknagar, early Keep Of Kalessin and Taake, and is strongly influenced by the destruction of our world and nature.

There is no end to the evil of men, the world must change, Natas will enlighten this dark path we all walk and reveal how to heal it, with fire …

More details about Natas new album will be revealed later, stay tuned !!!


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