Metalite – band leader/guitarist Edwin Premberg

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Band leader/guitarist Edwin Prember –  Metalite

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Inner Wound Recordings for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the promo pictures of the band.
Promotional single pictures on the band members taken by: Jan Yrlund

Metalite is the name of a brand new melodic metal act coming from Stockholm Sweden. Me and one of the band leaders/guitarist Edwin Premberg had a sit down in order to talk about their new debut album HEROES IN TIME as well as how it was to work with the famous Danish producer Jacob Hansen. We also talked about the band’s past present and future and what the plans are for the upcoming new year. If you’re into bands like Beyond The Black, Dynazty and Amaranthe then you should check out Metalite!

Hi Edwin how are you doing today?

Hi! Fine thanks!

Are you ready begin the interview? When and where was Metalite formed?

Of course! Just shoot! 🙂 I was planning this project and wanted a unique sound. I needed a female voice and I found Emma on a boat cruise here in Stockholm and I asked her if she wanted to record a song with me. The song was Afterlife. She said yes and that’s how the project started.

You began as a duo but was it hard to find members to join the band later on?

After the record deal we had to find some members and we started to search among our own friends. I asked Robert Ö. which I played with for about 15 years ago. Lea and Robert M. was recruited from some mutual friends. It´s always hard to find good, talented and experienced musicians so to answer your question, YES 🙂

Was it the original idea to have a woman on lead vocals?

Yes, the sound I had in my head a female voice was included.

Did you already have material ready for the band to record when you formed Metalite?

I had some ideas but the only song that I had recorded was Afterlife. When the song was mixed and we got the record deal I had to write another 10 songs. It was tough but very fun!

Have you and Emma been a part of any other bands or projects before you started Metalite?

Emma is a freelance musician so she had done a lot of different things in the business. I have always been in the coverband thing and wanted to break free and write my own material.

Where does the band name come from and who came up with it?

The name Metalite just popped up when I was planning the new modern sound for the first song. Well, its metal and I wanted the sound to be ”l33t” or ”1337” (Which means ”Elite” in the online language ”Leet” used in BBS and nowadays Online Gaming.) That formed the bandname Metalite which have the modern touch that perfectly fits the sound.

At first you and Emma co-operated with the legendary Danish producer Jacob Hansen, how did you get him on board?

After we had recorded Afterlife I just wanted some help with the mastering. I sent the song with my mix to Hansen and he said to me that the song is so good that he wanted to do the mix/mastering. He promised me that he would mix the whole album and I decided to go on his proposal.

Has Hansen written any material?

No, he has mixed and mastered the album.

In 2016 Larsson – drums, Örnesved – guitar and Majd on bass joined forces with you, did you know them from before?

Like a said earlier, I played with Robert Ö. for about 15 years ago and his guitar techniques was perfect for this band. Lea and Robert M. was recruited through some mutual friends.

Have they been involved in any bands prior Metalite?

Robert Ö. was in a progressive metal band called Castillion, Lea was in a band called Imber and Robert M. is the person behind the melodic rockband Captain Black Beard.

Does everyone live in Stockholm Sweden?

Yes, everyone lives in different places but near the core of stockholm.

Have you done any live shows with the full line-up?

No, not yet but we’re planning a releaseparty here in Stockholm in January. The first show for us, I hope we can play a lot more later on next year.

The first single releases from the new album was “Afterlife” and “Nightmare” what did media think of the singles?

We have red a lot of positive feedback from those singles. They really represent the sound of Metalite and we’re so proud of them. Some say that they have never heard a sound like it and we take that very positive.

Who released the singles? I read that it was an independent release?

The single Afterlife was released at first for promotion only but when we got the record deal we decided to re-release Afterlife as our first single from the album. All of the singles are released through the label.

Do you and Emma have any bands or artists in common that inspired you to form a band?

We both like strong melodies and great hooks, Metalite delivers those elements and thats why we decided to put effort in this.

Debut album HEROES IN TIME

When did you work on material to the debut album HEROES IN TIME?

After we had the record deal signed I started to write the 10 remaining songs for Heroes In Time. It took about half a year and it was very fun and educational.

Who in the band takes care of writing the music and the lyrics and what are the lyrics about?

I have written all the lyrics for the Heroes In Time album and I think its very important to write about modern subjects. Some of the songs have the classic powermetal lyrics but mostly the songs have a deeper meaning. For example Purpose Of Life, Heroes In Time and Over and Done.

Is the band a democracy where everyone has a saying?

Yes of course. We are a band and we decide together, even though I started it its very important that we work as a team.

Are there any songs on the album used from when the band was a duo?

No, except Afterlife then.

The video to “Afterlife” has got 400 000 hits so far, how does that feel?

As we speak the video is up to near 600.000 views and it feels fantastic! I couldn’t imagine that this would be this huge thing! Of course we are really happy about it!


Could you tell us a little bit about the video, when and where was it shot?

The video was shot in one day in Kungsbacka, Gothenburg together with 11 Frames Production. Really great guys who had this perfect location for the song. A perfect match with our style. We were in this warehouse were they keep the boats in the winter. It looks like a hangar for the military or something, it looks really cool!

Are there any plans on shooting videos to any of the other songs?

We have talked about it but right now there are no plans for it. Right now we focus on liveshows in the beginning of next year.

There’s a lot of keyboards in the music but no one is listed on keyboards, why?

Like you said, there’s A LOT of keyboards. Really complex ones so I have never thought about getting another member for it. When I created the album I was the one who recorded all the keyboards.

Fraser Edwards (Ascension) and Jakob Svensson (Wigelius) makes guest appearances on the album, how did they end up on HEROES IN TIME? Which songs do they appear on?

We needed some shredding solos for the album and Emma introduced me to Jakob Svensson which she had worked with earlier. He recorded solos for Nightmare, Heroes In Time and Power Of Metal. Fraser was one of the first fans of Metalite and we started to talk over the social media platform and I asked him if he wanted to try to record some solos too. i have to mention that he is one of the guitarist in the scottish powermetal band Ascension. He did a great job on The Hunter, The Light Of Orion, In The Middle Of The Night, Black Horse Rider and The Great Force Within Us.

In the bio it’s said that the bands goal was to write and record melodic and memorable songs with a modern and fresh sound, do you think you’ve managed to do that?

I think so! Do you? I think we have reach our goal and I hope you think that too when you listen to the album. 🙂

How come you named the band HEROES IN TIME? Does the title have any special meaning to the band?

The album was named Heroes In Time because we ARE the Heroes In Time! HAHA! But you can also refer to the song Heroes In Time which has a complete other subject.

The famous Jan Yrlund made the artwork, what do you think of his work? Do you think it reflects the music?

Jan has done a great job and we’re very happy that he wanted to work with us. The artwork is perfect for our style and it really reflects the music and the subjects in the songs.

Was he given free hands to create the cover artwork?

I wanted to create a futuristic feeling and I sent him some influences and he did a really great job matching our requirements.

Your music have been described as both melodic metal as well as melodic power metal, but how would you like to describe what kind of music you play?

I would say melodic power metal with electronic elements. Lets create a new genre called ”Electronic Dance Metal” that Metalite can be positioned in 😀

What are the longest song “Black Horse Rider” (4,57) and the shortest “Heroes in Time” (3,50) about?

Heroes In Time is about the internet and the big internet companies that gathers all that you do on the internet. People don’t understand how serious this is and acts like heroes in time, liking and sharing and writes everything that you´ll think of. Everything is stored.

After writing all these songs with a lot of deeper subjects I wanted to write a classic powermetal song. Thats why I wrote Black Horse Rider. About kings and queens etc.

Do you have any favorite song on the album?

Of course, many. But the ones that I’m really proud of is Afterlife, Over And Done and Purpose Of Life because the lyrics have a deeper meaning.

In retrospect are you happy with the outcome of the album or are there anything you think you should have done anything in a different way?

Every album you make is also for educational use, for every album you get better doing it! There are of course some things that will be different for the next one, if we get the chance to do it again. I’m really proud of the outcome at the point!

Which target area when it comes to fans in the metal genre are you focusing on?

I’m focusing on the ones who like melodies and happy vibes in metal. There aren’t so many bands that focusing on it, just keeps it simple. There are many metal genres that are complex, aggressive and dark. Metalite is not one of these bands.

HEROES IN TIME has been given some great reviews in media, are you happy with the reviews you have read? Does you and the band care about what media writes about your work?

Of course we are happy of all the positive reviews we have red! We care a lot of what media writes about us but its also important to remember that Metalite has to remain in the same segment and don’t change the vision because media says things that doesn’t match our goal.

How has the fans responded on HEROES IN TIME?

The fans are great! They have given us this positive energy to keep going and evolve. Thats why we are very excited to get out and play for those people!

The bio states that fans of Beyond the Black, Dynazty and Amaranthe are going to appreciate your music, do you agree with that?

Oh yeah! There’s a lot of other bands that we can refer as influences and ”sounds like”. Like Battle Beast, Beast In Black, Sabaton, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius etc.

Purpose of Life [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

I read an interview with you where you said the band was throwing a releaseparty for the album, how was the party? Where was it held?

We’re planning to have the releaseparty in January. We keep you posted on our Facebook page. 🙂

Studio, production and mixing

In which studio was the album recorded and when did you start the recordings?

We recorded all of the material in my studio in Stockholm. I started the writing and recording for ”Heroes In Time” in 2015.

Was everyone in the band in the studio recording everything together?

The recording process was divided into different parts and it took about half a year to finish it. So the answer to that question is, No. 🙂

Where did Edwards and Svensson record their parts?

The recorded their solos in their own studios. Jakob here in Stockholm and Fraser in Scotland.

The mixing and mastering was made by Jacob Hansen but where did he do his work?

He does all his work in his own studio in Denmark.

Was any of the band members part of the mixing and mastering process?

Only me and Emma was involved listening to the different mixes.

How was it to work with Hansen? Do you think you’re going to work with Hansen in the future?

It was a pleasure! He is a real God to me, his hands does really magic things. If we gonna record another album I hope he will help us again.

Label and management

How come you inked a deal with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings?

I was very happy when Inner Wound contacted me and said that they wanted to work with us. I have listened to a lot of bands from that label so I cannot be more than honored that we cooperate right now.

Were there many labels that showed interest in Metalite? Did you send out demos to label or how did you catch their interest?

I only sent our demo to Inner Wound so I can say that I was lucky from the beginning 🙂

Are you happy with the work IWR have put into the band and the album so far?

Yes! Very happy! They have given us the chance to shine. Very good PR and marketing. They have a lot of contacts that is needed to get this to work.

IWR takes care of the distribution in Europe and North America but who distributes the album in Asia and South America?

We haven’t inked anything yet but I hope there will be actors for this too.

Are there any plans on releasing the album on vinyl?

That would be a cool thing! I hope so, but no plans yet 🙂

Is the album available to listen to at Spotify or Itunes etc?

Of course! Just search for Metalite and you’ll find us.

What is your opinion regarding downloading and streaming music which makes the bands loose money and not selling so many physical albums?

I think its great because you meet many new fans this way. I really like that way to distribute our music.

IWR is a smaller label, what do you think is the pro’s and cons with being a smaller label?

The pro’s I must say are that I got free hands to do what ever I want on the songs and there is not a lot of bureaucracy to get things done. Maybe you get a higher budget on a bigger label but as debutants this is perfect for us.

Do you currently work with any management?

We have started to work with Dreamy Media here in Sweden and I hope they will help us to plan and book many of our live shows in the future.

Now and then

Why hasn’t the band got a proper website? You only have a first page with a video on it and nothing more, isn’t it important to have a website when your a new band? Or are you more active on other social forums?

Right now we use our Facebook page as the main channel to talked to our fans. But we also have a instagram account which we’ll work with later on. As we grow in the business we will of course get our webpage done too 🙂

Who runs the bands facebook page?

Its me who does all the work with the social media platforms.

What’s the most common question you get from fans?

What my influences are, in which genre I will put Metalite and how I come up with the subjects in the songs for example.

The bands page got 2000 likes so far, are you happy with that or is the band striving to gain more fans?

As we speak we have more than 4000 likes and I’m really happy about it. I didn’t think that this thing could be this huge. Honored!

Are there any plans on doing more live shows next year?

Yes, there are plans. First we’ll focus on the release gig here in Stockholm and then maybe festivals in the spring/summer.

Are you focusing on doing single shows or heading out on the road as support act?

Right now we want to do single shows but of course it would be a blast to hang with other greater bands to support them!

Does the band have any festival shows booked for the summer so far?

No, not yet.

How are you going to solve the keyboard parts in the music when it comes to a live situation?

As many bands nowadays we’ll play with backtracks, but maybe later on we’ll think of maybe get a sixth member 😉

What did fans think of the Offical Lyric video to “Nightmare” that was released recently?

most of the comments were positive and they really liked the sound. But also there was some disappointed persons that though that Afterlife was better and so on. Afterlife and Nightmare really are the songs that represent Metalite best. I don’t think they were disappointed when they listened to the album though.


What would you like to say to the ones that haven’t discovered the music of Metalite yet?

If you like pop/eurodance/rock give it a try. If you like melodic powermetal give it a try! 🙂 We want to combine those genres and gather the fans from those totally diffrent groups.

Could you give them three reasons why they should buy HEROES IN TIME?

The unique combination of elements between different genres.
The fantastic sound signed Jacob Hansen.
The rememberable and melodic aspects, but hey…It can be addictive 😉

Well that was all from me and for this time. Once again thanks for taking the time making the interview and I wish you and the band all the best in the future, do you have any final words of wisdom to share with fans and readers?

I’ll thank all of the positive feedback we have received from fans and media. We are so gratuful to all of the supporting people in this world! We hope to see you on tour!
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