UK Doom Band MONOLITH CULT Release ‘Gospel of Despair’ on Transcending Records

Epic UK Doom quintet MONOLITH CULT have released sophomore album Gospel of Despair on Transcending Records. The album can be streamed in its entirety:

Order the album here.

MONOLITH CULT 'Gospel of Despair'
MONOLITH CULT ‘Gospel of Despair’

Gospel of Despair was recorded at SkyHammer studios and produced and engineered by Chris Fielding of Conan. It is a massive progression in songwriting and production from the first album. MONOLITH CULT took influence from Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Black Sabbath (Dio era) to create a more epic metal sound and step away from the usual Doom, Stoner, Sludge sound that has been prevalent of late in the UK

Over the years in MONOLITH CULT and within other groups, band members have shared the stage with acts such as, Goatsnake, Slough Feg, Solstice, Procession, Entombed, Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Orange Goblin, My Dying Bride, EyeHateGod, and Spirit Caravan.

Track List:

1. Disconnection Syndrome
2. The Gospel Of Despair
3. Kings Of All That’s Lost
4. Chothia In Memorium
5. Sympathy For The Living
6. Complicity In Your Own Abuse
7. Death Means Nothing

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