Steelchaos Festival – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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STEELCHAOS – Indoor Festival 

The 10th and 11st of November 2017
Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Extreme metal hasn’t vanished or died out in Finland. Even though the prestigious Black Flames Of Blasphemy events used to draw a number of extreme metal fans worshiping blasphemic hymns and gained the monumental status. That fest was dissolved due to various reasons, therefore the guys behind Steelfest forged an enormous plan to carry out a new extreme indoor metal fest in the darkened period of the year. Named SteelChaos presenting the most obscure vulgar and grotesque performances by several extreme groups and bands during the two days. The whole two-day event was totally sold as 1000 people per night had crawled in to testify the barbaric and nihilistic sets.

FRIDAY- 1st day

I remember seeing Sawhill Sacrifice at some outdoor fest and wasn’t convinced about their approach in the name of the black metal. Some years have passed by since that gig and Sawhill Sacrifice have definitely sacrificed themselves by gearing up to sound and look like a vicious black metal outfit. The low standard sound in the early stages of the set were improved better and better. The band’s latest effort titled PIMEYTEEN JA KUOLEMAAN is a fine slab of grim sounding black metal with keyboard elements added. As far as their live performance is concerned, they sounded primitive and rawer than on the album. Obviously the band wanted to have a more barbaric outburst. Frankly, Sawhill Sacrifice sounded great despite the low start.  The black metal squad offered a bit side entertainment when the White Death lad stormed on the stage by ripping the bible apart and finally crapping pure blood on it.

Sawhill Sacrifice stood for the more traditional black metal approach. Then the long time Finnish scene veterans URN have kept the old school black/thrash flame burning since 1994 without slowing down even though members have come and gone. The mastermind Sulphur had personally gone morphological changes as the long hair had been shaved and had dressed with a long black cloak. As someone pointed out to me the his outlook was reminiscent of t the frontman of Black Witchery. URN pounded the blackish/thrash chaos within the 30 minutes without gimmicks, just relying on the songs  such as Possessed by Satan, Heavy As Hell” and a song from the latest opus. URN’s merciless blackish thrash maelstrom would have been digged a bit more. URN’s simple and chaotic riffs definitely appealed to the crowd.

Crimson Moon originally formed in The States and later relocated to Germany where the leader, Scorpion, gathered an entire new line-up around him. Crimson Moon’s material has remained and got a little less listening turns in my player, but ONEIRONAUT had to be replayed to remind me of Crimson Moon’s material. Crimson Moon is one of those bands that not so many has seen live, so seeing them was definitely one of kind chance. The four-piece pulled the raw black metal by performing quite expressionlessly.

The Dutch Heretic is such an interesting act combining the primitive black metal with a rock’n’roll approach. When watching Heretic’s stage manners, above all the singer’s obvious Misfits association could be pointed out a right way.  Heretic’s relentless black-rock definitely appealed to the crowd who went ballistic. The three piece (usually four piece) rocked hard with simple but catchy riffs, and the singer’s role and charisma was absolutely dominating.  The audience went berserk and enjoyed Heretic’s stuff with the pure rocking mood.

Destroyer 666 led by K.K Warslut has been a regular visitor to the Finnish underground extreme metal fests more than often. The band definitely has a loyal fanatical following as whenever the four piece hit the stage, the response is beyond amazing and overwhelming. That without any doubts brought more adrenaline and passion to the band, and that could be witnessed when K.K. Warslut with his destroyers hammered the audience down. The set was pure a firework of old and new songs like “WildFire  I Am Wargod” and concluded by the Exciter cover “Heavy Metal Maniac” . Obviously, the frontman has become interested in the political side as yelling “Fuck Eu”. Well being that political may draw more attention from the crowd for sure.

Originally the Swiss Bolzer was supposed to arrive at the SteelChaos event, but forced to cancel because of some eccentric back injury. Therefore the Finnish black metal horde Archgoat was alarmed in the very last minute to replace Bölzer. It was utter amazing the Goats managed to be able to pull thru so quickly and arrive at the venue. Archgoat didn’t goof around or rely on having extra activities on the stage. The three piece’s black metal has remained barbaric raw primitive and shall it be. Archgoat showed that the raw black metal lives, and well.

As stated above about Destroyer 666 being a regular visitor up here in Finland, so is Nifelheim. Besides the latest Nifelheim full length opus titled “Envoy Of Lucifer” came out about 10 years ago, but they have the loyal growing fanbase here.. The Swedish black-thrash whatever metal tornado took over the stage and unleashed the pure satanic mass. The servants of darkness led by Tyrant and HellButcher aka the Gutavsson twins didn’t play, didn’t joke, didn’t fool around, just unleashing the most brutal and savage barbaric blackish thrash. Nifelheim on the stage was a real apocalyptic revelation because of a couple of hundreds of bullet belts and iron and metal studs.  The set consisted of the most so called Nifelheim classic ones “Unholy Death”, “Satanic Sacrifice” etc. As expected the whole performance was pure raw and barbaric.

SATURDAY- 2nd day

The second day was kicked off by a relatively unknown band hailing from the west coast of Finland, named Malum. Seriously, the Finnish black metal genre is extremely strong as there are a plenty of killer bands throughout the whole country. Even though Malum presents the high quality black metal, the crowd didn’t find the band because of the early playing time.

Another interesting act to be looked at , named Havukruunu. Apparently this was the first real live gig by the band ever, even though a couple of albums have been released. The band’s mastermind being the vocalist and guitarist Stefan has guided the band for the years on his own. Their performance exhaled a little bit tenseness and nervousness. However the band pulled the set in the passionate raging mood. The band’s music has been compared to Moonsorrow because of the pagan epic elements are playing the magnificent part in their approach.

As stated a bit earlier, the Finnish extreme and black metal genres lives well, as another great Finnish black metal commando group Antimateria hit the stage next. Antimateria’s slower songs and parts sounded pretty catchy and epic. When adding some speed to songs, the epic feelings got a bit downhill. The band’s eerie hymns with those mentioned epic elements sounded great. However Antimateria relied more on the traditional standing and playing.

As it is known all kinds of things can be expected to happen at a show of Bizarre Uproar. The electro industrial combo’s S&M performance has gained controversial response. Ride For Revenge shared the stage with Bizarre Uproar by being a back-up force for the performance. As for that performance, well at the least the Finnish tabloids definitely remembered to cover it quite widely; Whipping, bathing in the blood, sexual perversion and domination, skinning a dead rat, and finally throwing shit at the audience. Obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but however this sort of performance seems to draw the audience’s interest.

The Swedish old school death metal was quite an exceptional one in the line-up. Entrails definitely draws the influences from the heyday of the Swedish death metal . Especially the era of the early 90’s of the stuff of Entombed and Dismember could be pointed out in the Entrails stuff. Obviously the crowd wasn’t in that responsive mood after the s/m show by Ride For Revenge/Bizarre Uproar. The four piece pulled a nice gig for sure, but the crowd was gasping for the air.

The German black metal triumph next when Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult got on the stage. The frontlady Onielar being a real wet dream come true for male black metallers turned out once again to be a real dominating apparition. The pale white cloak covered her body with the tremendous long white hair and above all her hysterical raw screaming gave the real cold shiver through anyone’s body. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult’s strongest element is definitely Onielar’s scream being one of the vicious and brutal voices in the genre. The blood is and has always been the main part of the show of the German black metal outfit.  That was split quite enormously.

Yes finally Master’s Hammer that’s why most of people had arrived for. The Czechian legendary occult black metal gained the highly respected status in the catacomb of the extreme metal scene. The outfit vanished in the mid of the 90’s and were on the old for 15 years. The return of Masters Hammer has been hailed by the metal fans with the huge enthusiastic reaction. But starting doing gigs came out of blue for sure.  Getting the Hammers to Finland for the first time ever was definitely a huge act of culture from the Steelfest organization for sure. Big salute for that.  Master’s Hammer came and conquered the whole fest with the fabulous performance and more than excellent set list. Even though the crowd didn’t recognize the Czech pronounced song titles, when the riff roared out, the crowd went totally nuts. The band’s sound is so unique and one of kind as the kettledrums brought its vibe to the recognizable sounds of Master’s Hammer. The set was pure celebration of the great hymns of the Master’s Hammer evergreen ones. The stage got a couple of ladiesthat  had been placed in the so-below-as-above position. After all Master’s Hammer was so pure magic, occultism and breath from the ancient spirit of the Czech black metal scene with the mysterious songs and lyrics.


The whole Steelchaos indoor festival was definitely an amazing experience. The arrangements and all the facilities worked tremendously. I shall bet that extreme metal worshippers out there are looking for and keeping their eyes on several festivals. SteelChaos, and of course SteelFest, are ones which have to be seen and experienced. The whole line-up of the festival was amazing! Above all, the whole two day event was totally sold out. Whenever  there will be a SteelChaos pt. II, keep your eyes peeled for it!