Dirkschneider & Raven – Tampere Finland

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Dirkschneider and Raven

Tampere Pakkahuone Finland
The 13th of November 2017

The former Accept frontman Udo Dirkschneider has been travelling all around and crisscrossing the planet under the Dirkschneider moniker performing songs from the golden era of 80’s Accept. Metal-Rules.Com covered Dirkschneider’s previous indoor club gig which was a crossfire of the most known Accept tunes such Restless And Wild, Neon Knights, Breaker etc.  However, the German metal icon keeps on going as Dirkschneider – Back To The Roots tour theme after the successful first run.  Due to the high demand Dirkschneider had four gigs booked in Finland. Metal-Rules.Com made a visit to a couple of them to witness the band.

Before Udo and his company hit the stage, the legendary NWOBHM-combo Raven had been booked into the opening slot. Raven is such an interesting band having been around since 1974 and released a number of albums, even though the band never attained massive success, nor split-up, the Gallagher brothers have kept the heavy metal flag waving all these years. Raven have received more attention and following during the 2000 decade because their like-minded bands have as well got more response and a new fanbase. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be witnessed at the gig in Tampere, the average age for the crowd was 40+. A couple of younger old school metal fans could be spotted though.

Raven always puts on a great show and the band didn’t let the audience down this time. The three piece offered a great lesson of the classic metal from the heyday of the 80’s till the present day. Despite the low response of the audience, the band truly lived up to their metal hymns. Especially Mark Gallagher turned out to be a real maniac playing the guitar at the stage. The long time drummer Hasselvander seems to have stepped aside and had been replaced by Mike Heller. Even though the Gallagher bros are nearly at the age of 60, their passion to play never fades, as John Gallagher demanded the more reaction from the audience and went to the floor to make “highfives” with the crowd. The set list consisted of the classic ones such as “All For One”, “Hung Drawn & Quartered” “Rock Until You Drop” and of course the newer stuff from the latest EXTERMINATION album.  Frankly the Gallagher bros will definitely rock until they drop, they never surrender and they never give up and they will live for metal for sure.


Destroy All Monsters
Hell Patrol
All for One
Hung, Drawn & Quartered
Rock Until You Drop
Guitar Solo
Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)
Faster Than the Speed of Light
On and On
Break the Chain
Rock Bottom / Symptom of the Universe
Crash Bang Wallop

Originally Udo was supposed to do “the farewell to his Accept career” tour once and then the whole Accept era was expected to be closed permanently by him. BUT – the unexpected successful tours and gigs must have made Udo rethink a little bit more further. When this Dirkschneider –Back to Roots – Farewell To Accept, whatever it is called now, is over some day, what is the next ? Udo has revealed doing the Accept stuff with his U.D.O. band is possible. When Dirkschneider visited the Tavastia club in the beginning of last year, the set had been built to cover the songs from the 80’s albums. Repeating the same formula would have taken the German metal icon to a dead-end. The current guitarist Billy Hudson hinted in an interview for Metal-Rules.Com last summer at the Tuska festival, the setlist was going to be changed. They definitely modified the setlist quite radically. It was pretty obvious those people having wished to hear just the 80’s songs would be more or less disappointed. Otherwise hearing those 90’s songs was truly refreshing.  When the opening intro roared out of the monitors, both the guitarists placed themselves in the front of the wall of monitors. The gig was kicked off by “The Beast Inside” off the DEATHROW album. As for the 90’s stuff, it had a strong presence on the list ; “Slaves To The Metal”, “Protectors Of Terror” “Hard Attack”. The X-T-C from the EAT THE HEAT was a truly odd, but cool addition to the set. As it is known Mr. Dirschneider didn’t participate that particular album. Of course the songs in the encore consisted of those 80’s songs such as “Metal Heart” and “Balls To The Wall”. The venue in Tampere had fantastic sound and lights creating an excellent environment to enjoy the show. The band was definitely in the fiery playing vibe, as both the guitarists had the Yngwie Malmsteen type of posing in the front, which truly looked fabulous splendid. As for Udo, the man is going on 65 yet has that recognizable rasp in his voice which hasn’t lost an inch. The metal icon is definitely hard as iron on the stage and always shall be.

Since Raven and Udo Dirkschneider were on the tour same, sharing the Steppenwolf classic “Born To Be Wild”, would have been super fun to hear. Obviously that idea must have been skipped in the early stage of the planning, but still…. !

The Beast Inside
Aiming High
Slaves to Metal
Another Second to Be
Protectors of Terror
Fight It Back
Can’t Stand the Night
Amamos la Vida
Stone Evil
Hard Attack
Love Child
Objection Overruled
Russian Roulette
Princess of the Dawn
Metal Heart
Fast as a Shark
Balls to the Wall