Power Quest – original band member/leader and keyboard player Steve Williams

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Original band member/leader and keyboard player Steve Williams – Power Quest

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Inner Wound Recordings for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the promo pictures of the band.
Live and more photos of the band are from the bands website

If you like well executed power metal with some great vocals, then Power Quest is a band for you. Recently the guys released their sixth album titled SIXTH DIMENSION. The band re-united back in 2016 and SIXTH DIMENSION is the first album since the reunion and also the first studio album since 2011. Me and the original band member/leader and keyboard player Steve Williams hooked up to have a chat about what has happened in the Power Quest camp during the past years. During the bands hiatus, Williams joined forces with Eden’s Curse, so of course I thought we should examine that matter a little closer. Besides that, I also asked him what he and the band thought of being on the road and visiting Sweden, Japan and the US for the first time. If you’re interested in reading some in-depth info about the band, its history, and what they’re up to in 2018 then continue reading…

Hi Steve, how are you doing today? Are you ready to kick off the interview?

Hey mate! I’m doing very well thanks man.Yeah ready to roll my friend.

Let’s get down to business straight away with me asking why you put the band to rest back in 2013 and joined Eden’s Curse? How did you end up in Eden’s Curse?

Well there was one fundamental reason why I had to lay the band to rest in 2013 and that was finance. Over the 12 years up until then that the band had been active, I had invested pretty much every penny I had into the band. Tens of thousands of pounds all told. However, things had got to the point where if I didn’t do something then there was a very real danger of my losing my house. So, as you can see, it was the only viable option open to me at that point in time.

I joined Eden’s Curse on the invitation of my good friend and EC bassist and main man Paul Logue. It was an enjoyable period of time just being the keyboard player and not having to worry about any financial aspects as I had become so accustomed to. We recorded a studio album, a live album and played some cool shows as well.

This time also enabled me to work like a demon at my day job, I must have done hundreds of hours of overtime over a 2 year period to enable me to pay off the debt that I had accrued over the years financing PQ.

Why did you decide to bring Power Quest back to life three years later? I read that you said that you and Power Quest had some unfinished business, what did you mean with that?

I think I realised towards the end of my time with the EC guys that there is only one band that I truly want to be in 100%. It was like an itch that wouldn’t go away to be honest and ultimately it became too much to ignore.

Definitely unfinished business. If we had split because of musical differences or lack of ideas then that would be fair enough but to have to stop because of financial reasons was even more painful. Even at that point I felt there was still plenty of gas left in the tank, just no money to pay for it sadly.

What did fans and media think of the comeback EP FACE THE RAVEN that came out 2016?

The EP was a real success with the fans and press alike, I didn’t want to bring the band back and then have the fans wait for 12 months to have some new songs to listen to, hence the idea of a 3 track EP. Two new songs and a re-recording of the title track of the last album “Blood Alliance”. The re-recording was also to give the fans an idea of how Ashley would sound singing the older material.

Which label released the EP?

There was no label involved for the EP. The idea was that the EP would be a calling card and we only wanted a small run of copies so we decided that an independent release was the best thing at this stage rather than getting into label negotiations so soon.

The band did many performances during 2016, how was it to be back on stage with Power Quest again?

We actually only did 3 shows in 2016, two headline and one opening for Sonata Arctica and Twilight Force in London. Our headline show in London was amazing as people travelled from as far away as Japan and USA to come and see the band. Truly a humbling experience.


When did you begin to write material to SIXTH DIMENSION?

Most of the material for Sixth Dimension was written in the second half of 2016 with a couple of songs being finished in early 2017. Obviously we had Coming Home and Face the Raven a couple of months earlier as these featured on the aforementioned EP.

According to the bio you written three songs on guitar this time, that’s new for Power Quest right?

Yeah that’s true. In the past I’ve often written riffs or parts for guitar on the keyboard but this time I actually started with a guitar for Face the Raven, Starlight City and Revolution Fighters. I’d got a new Dean Mustaine V from the great guys at Bill Lewington and within half a day of getting this new guitar I had written the bulk of Face the Raven. An inspired purchase you could say haha!

Talking of guitars, it was also nice for me personally to play a bit of guitar on the new album as well. I played the acoustic guitars at the start of Revolution Fighters. First time I had played guitar on an album since the debut album Wings of Forever back in 2002.

Have you written all of the material or have any other member in the band also contributed?

As is kind of usual with PQ records, I wrote most of the material but I co-wrote Coming Home with Ashley and Ashley and Glyn also contributed to Lords to Tomorrow. I co-wrote the title track with my good friend and fellow keyboardist Richard West. I’m sure you will all be familiar with Richard’s band Threshold, who incidentally have just released the album of the year in my opinion. We worked together for 3 weekends on this song and I’m really proud of how it’s turned out.

Is it correct that you used two of the songs from the EP, “Face The Raven” and “Coming Home” on the album?

Yes we did but we completely re-recorded them for the album so that the new members in the band were featured on them.

At the end of August the lyric video to “Kings And Glory” was released what did the fans think of the song?

A lot of people said to us…..”now that is Power Quest” I think it has that classic PQ vibe to it with the strong keyboards and big harmony vocals. This was why I thought it would make the perfect first single from the album.


The video got about 30 000 hits on youtube, congratulations, how does that feel?

It’s quite incredible really. I just looked now actually and it’s up to 56000 hits as I write. It’s a really cool lyric video I think and I’m thrilled with how well it has been received

If you compare SIXTH DIMENSION with previous albums, do you think the band have changed anything music-wise?

I don’t there has been too much in the way of change. I never set out to revolutionise the genre, all I’m really trying to do is present the best collection of songs I possibly can at any given time. On that note I genuinely believe that this is the most consistent PQ record so far and I think proof of that from the perspective of the band is that there aren’t any songs on this record that we don’t want to play live. Every single one would be perfect for the live arena.

I think we have possibly harked back to the Neverworld/Magic Never Dies era a little bit and there are obviously considerably more keyboards up front on this album than there was on the previous record Blood Alliance.

What do you consider is the main essence in the music of Power Quest?

For me the primary goal with PQ is to write catchy, melodic metal songs with strong melodies that people will remember and be able to sing along with if they come to a live show. To me there is an inherent honesty about the band as well in the sense that what you see or hear is actually what you get. When you come to a PQ show, every single thing you hear is live. No backing vocals on tape or whatever. As the lyrics go in Lords of Tomorrow, “honesty, integrity may be the long way home……..” but for me it is vitally important that things are done in what I believe is the right way.

The bio claims that SIXTH DIMENSION and the main lyrical theme running through the album is a lesson in people stepping out of the shadows and be who they wants to be, what do you think of those words?

Absoutely right. Too many times in life we are all told that we are not good enough or that we will never be successful. Nobody has the right to tell another person these things and everybody should be allowed to dream and live in hope. Often this happens to people with a genuine talent who are put down by those who are jealous and don’t want that person to succeed if they cannot succeed themselves.

Is the album a theme album?

No it’s not themed in the sense of it being a concept album or anything like that. It just so happens that some of the songs have similar positive messages.

How come you chose to name the album SIXTH DIMENSION (besides it’s the bands sixth album)? Who came up with the name?

Yeah that was my idea regarding the album title. As well as it being the sixth album it was also six years since the last album was released and of course there are six members in the band as well.

Felipe Machado and Jan Yrlund did the artwork and design of the album, what do you think of their job? Are you happy with the looks of the album?

If I wasn’t happy it would never have been released haha! I worked for a few months with Felipe on the cover concept and overall artwork. We have worked together since way back in 2008 so we know each other quite well now and this really helps the working relationship.

Jan did a wonderful job on the layouts and I’m extremely pleased with how that side of things has turned out as well, particularly with reference to the special edition mediabook which has a lot of extra stuff in as well. Both Jan and Felipe have brought my vision to life without a doubt.

Were they given free hands when it came to the layout?

To a certain extent, but I always have very strong ideas of how I want things to look and although I am happy to compromise, it can’t be compromise for the sake of it. So there are always a lot of emails back and forth before we eventually settle on the correct version.

How would you like to describe what kind of music Power Quest plays?

I guess you could say it’s melodic power metal with touches of Hard Rock/AOR and also some progressive moments as well. I think it’s a cool mixture of styles and influences which pretty accurately reflects my listening tastes as well, unsurprisingly hahaha!

Do you think older fans of the band are going to enjoy the new album?

Without doubt and the feedback we have received so far whether it is via social media or meeting fans at shows has been incredible. Many already feel that it is the best album the band have ever done which is high praise indeed in my opinion. But will it attract new fans? I guess only time will tell on that side of things.

There are a few guest appearances on the album in the shape of Anette Olzon on vocals in “Sixth Dimension” and Andrea Martongelli and Lars Rettkowitz –  on which songs do the guys appear on?

Andrea Martongelli plays the first guitar solo on Revolution Fighters whilst Lars Rettkowitz plays the second guitar solo on Coming Home. Great work from both guys too I must add.

How did those three end up on the album? Are you old friends?

Andrea Martongelli was actually a member of Power Quest and played on the first 4 albums. He is one of my dearest friends in the whole world and it was a real thrill to have him appear on a PQ record for the first time since 2008 and Master of Illusion.

Lars Rettkowitz I have been friends with since 2012 when PQ first toured with Freedom Call. He’s a great guy and a fabulous player and I was really pleased when he agreed to contribute a solo too. Having played some shows with Freedom Call in Japan back in September, I’m really looking forward to seeing Lars and the boys again in February 2018

Were there many fans that followed your studio update on youtube?

Yeah the live Facebook broadcasts we did around the time of recording the album turned out to be very popular with the fans and also great fun for us to do. Sometimes we were in the studio, sometimes in a hotel…..it was really cool. We also continued with these broadcasts whilst in Japan and elsewhere on tour as well.

The album is pretty long and clocks in on 54 minutes, was it your intention to do a long album?

I actually don’t view it as a long album by todays standards. Unless you are talking about a concept album I think 50-55 minutes is a pretty good running time for an album. I think much longer than that then it is more difficult to keep the consistency in the song writing and consequently difficult to keep the attention of the listener.

What are the longest song “Sixth Dimension” (9 min) and the shortest “No More Heroes” (4.47) about?

Sixth Dimension is about someone feeling trapped in their own life and circumstances. Feeling bound by the miserable chains that sometimes can be life, it is about reaching out to find another plateau or plain of existence.

No more Heroes is a reflection on how we are ruining our world but it’s not too late to change things even if we don’t have strong characters and leaders nowadays, that doesn’t mean that we cannot be a force for change ourselves.

The album have received some really great reviews in media, and metal-rules.com gave the album 4,5/5 congratulations, was that expected?

Thank you so much for that great review. I really enjoyed reading that but I would never say I expect such great and kind words. As a band we always hope that people will share our feelings about the new songs but you can never be certain and you should never assume that will be the case.

The bio states that Power Quest is melodic, catchy and uplifting, what’s your comment on that?

I think that’s pretty accurate to be honest. When you leave a PQ live show you should be leaving with a smile on your face and a melody in your mind. We try and create a real family vibe between the fans and the band and you will always see us hanging out with fans for as long as possible after shows.

In retrospect are you happy with the outcome of SIXTH DIMENSION?

I’m extremely happy with how everything has worked out for this album. I have to give immense credit to Ash, Glyn, Paul, Rich and Andy for working so hard to make this record sound as good as it does. I wanted to come back with album that would stand tall in the PQ canon, and I believe we have achieved that with Sixth Dimension.

Studio and production

The album was recorded in England in Rogue Studios and produced by Alessio Garavello, who is he and which bands has he worked with besides Power Quest?

Who is Alessio Garavello? Well, of course he was the voice of the first four Power Quest albums! I first met Alessio in 2001 and over the past 16 years we have become like brothers. He is an incredible guy, musician and producer.

We recorded the Face the Raven EP with him in 2016 and everyone was so pleased with the results that we immediately decided to work with him for the album as well. He generates a really comfortable working atmosphere and has a very encouraging way of getting the best out of everyone.

For me we couldn’t have chosen a better producer. Who else would know the Power Quest sound as well as the guy who sang on the first four albums? What other producer would understand me as a musician and a songwriter as well as Alessio?

Alessio left the band in 2009 as he was “retiring” from power metal and wanted to do something more alternative edged. It’s often reported that we parted on bad terms but this is absolute rubbish, Alessio is without doubt one of my closest friends in this world and always will be.

Your previous albums was recorded in different studios but this one was entirely recorded in Rogue Studios, what was so special with that studio that made you decide to record there?

It was all because that is Alessio Garavellos own studio so we wanted to record where he felt most comfortable as well and I believe this really brought out the best in him and consequently in the band as well

Where did the guests record their parts?

Each of the guests on the album recorded their parts in their own studios and then sent us the files once completed.

You and Garavello mixed the album together, how was it to do that together with someone else?

It was really great actually. It felt like a logical continuation of the recording process as I was at the studio for the vast majority of the album sessions. Me and Alessio understand each so well that we were often coming up with the same ideas at exactly the same time haha!

Jens Bogren made the mastering, why did you chose him?

I’d been impressed with Jens’s work with Dragonforce and I thought he could really bring something extra to the mix for us with this album and I really believe that decision has paid dividends.

Label and management

Why did you chose to end your co-operation with Napalm Records?

After the band split in 2013 there seemed little point in remaining contractually bound with a label so we came to an agreement and went our separate ways. I felt we needed to be working with a label who saw us as a band with potential. Of course I understand that this is a business and the priority has to be with popular bands. At the end of the day sometimes things don’t necessarily work out how you hoped.

It can be read that you put the band to rest because of financial reasons and lack of record label support, is that something you could tell us more about?

As I explained earlier, the financial situation I was in was pretty serious so I couldn’t afford to invest any further money into the band to enable us to tour more extensively and raise the profile of the band. Without a label or a 3rd party injecting investment then the writing was on the wall really.

For how long was the band without a record deal and how come you inked a deal with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings?

When we came back in 2016 of course we were unsigned and I wasn’t in a hurry to sign my life away again so to speak. I spoke with a few labels during 2016 and I’d heard good things from various sources about Emil and IWR. Emil and I got talking and discussing things in great depth and eventually came to an agreement in early 2017. I actually flew to Gothenburg to meet him in person before signing the contract as well which is something I’ve never done before. I’m very glad I did though as we have become firm friends as well as being in a label/band relationship.

Are you happy with the work IWR have put into the band and the album so far?

I couldn’t be happier. Emil and myself talk pretty much most days. This could be about album related business, potential touring opportunities, merchandising and just about everything else you can think of that is related to the band. They have been an integral part of the Sixth Dimension album project and I think the results of the collaboration speak for themselves.

The band have been signed to a string of labels, what are your general opinions regarding record labels today?

Yeah we’ve had a few labels in Europe over the years, a couple of whom actually went bankrupt while we were signed to them. This was particularly frustrating as it was at the time of the Neverworld and Magic Never Dies albums which was a key time on the career of PQ.

I think nowadays the important thing is for the label and the band to be on the same page when it comes to the vision for the band and also in being adaptable and flexible when it comes to promoting and selling the band.

What is the biggest difference in between being linked to Napalm Records vs IWR?

I think it’s the personal touch that makes the difference. I can email Emil any time and I know I will get a reply within an hour or two. I’m not a very patient person when it comes to communication and I kind of expect prompt replies, probably a product of my day job but we have no such issues with IWR and PQ.

Who own the legal rights to the bands older albums?

Some of them are owned by me and some are still owned by previous labels.

Are there any plans on re-releasing those albums?

Not at the present moment in time. It’s debatable now whether re-releasing is the right move or whether we should re-record them with the current line up of the band. It’s important to keep moving forward and not looking back all the time.

IWR releases your albums in Europe and North America but what about the Asian market?

All our albums since Neverworld have been released by Marquee/Avalon in South East Asia and I’m proud to have had such a long association with these guys, especially the president Naohiro Yamazaki who has always been very supportive of the band.

Any plans on releasing SIXTH DIMENSION on vinyl?

We actually already have! Limited to 500 copies, 300 on black vinyl and 200 on gold vinyl. This can be ordered from the PQ online store along with numerous other items

Is it possible to listen to the new album on Spotify, Itunes etc?


What are your opinion on streaming and downloading music? Is it harder for bands today that sell physical albums?

Well you are talking to someone who still buys CD’s and vinyl. I’ve never streamed anything in my life and the only time I have bought a download is when we had lost the intro track at a live show and we had to buy our own song haha! Anything other than actual albums has no interest for me at all as a consumer although I completely understand that I’m a dinosaur in that respect.

It’s harder to sell physical albums of course and really you need to be out on tour as much as possible to maximise that sales stream. That in itself is difficult when you are a band who all have day jobs so there is a limit to how much touring you can actually do. A vicious circle if you will.

Do you currently work with any booking agency?

We are affiliated with a German booking agency (Agentur EAM) but thus far since the start of 2017 all the shows that PQ have done have been booked by the band. Hopefully the agency will introduce some opportunities for us in 2018.

Background, members

After leaving Dragonheart (later Dragonforce) you and Steve Scott formed the band back in 2001, why did you two leave Dragonheart?

Quite a simple one really. Me and Steve both wanted to do something with more keyboards and melody but not so frenetic. We were both big fans of Helloween, Freedom Call, Van Halen etc so we had a good vision of where we wanted to go with the band.

Was it easy to find members to join Power Quest?

Not exactly which was why we eventually ended up with three guys based in Italy, plus me and Steve Scott.

Where does the band name come from and does it have any special meaning to you?

I can remember myself and Steve Scott sitting around his flat in London one day talking about band names and we were talking about power metal and how the lyrics often feature adventures or quests and there it was. Power quest…..simple as that.

What did fans and media think of the bands debut album WINGS OF FOREVER from 2002?

We were blown away by the reaction to the debut album as we had been to the two track demo we released in 2001. We were even lucky enough to get a mainstage slot at Bloodstock in 2003 which was only our 5th ever show. It’s a testament to that album that a few of the songs are still in the live set now and probably always will be. I don’t think we could ever not play Far Away again for example.

Already back then the band started to loose members, what happened?

Original guitarist Adam Bickers left the band after the recording of the debut album. Now Adam had been pursuing a medical degree in the years leading up to the debut album and he had got to the point where he was completing his course and starting to look at job opportunities as well. The nature of the work with long irregular hours meant that he wouldn’t have been able to commit to the band as much as he would have liked to.

Adam is now a paediatrician and we still catch up from time to time. He came along to the show we did in Derby in 2016 which was the first one since the reactivation of the band.

Sam Totman left the band when you just released your second album NEVERWORLD from 2003/04, he joined forces with Dragonforce, how did that feel?

Sam was already in DragonForce before he was in Power Quest. He only joined PQ because we had got on so well when I was playing with those guys. I knew there would come a point where DragonForce would be so busy that he wouldn’t have time for PQ as well and that’s exactly how it turned out. I’m sure Sam would have stayed in the band as well if circumstances would have allowed.

Are you guys friends with Dragonforce today?

Yeah I’ve stayed in touch with Sam and Herman all through the years and it was great to have the opportunity to go on tour with them recently and get to know Fred, Marc and Gee as well. Great guys too  man.

In 2009 you were the only remaining original member in the band, how did that feel?

It was strange if I’m honest and I did think about laying the band to rest at that point but I received so many emails and even letters from fans all around the world telling me that I had to continue because Power Quest meant so much to them. It was really quite humbling to be honest.

Let’s move forward in time to when you joined Eden’s Curse, how was it to work with those guys?

It was a very good experience working with the EC boys. Of course they have a completely different way of working as there are members based in Serbia and Germany as well as the UK so there wasn’t the same approach to rehearsing and writing as I was used to with PQ. But everyone has their own approach and different things work for different people.

Are you still a solid member of Eden’s Curse?

Oh no, I wouldn’t have time to do two bands with a full time day job as well so once I had decided to re-activate Power Quest sadly this meant that I had to leave EC.

How was it to record SYMPHONY OF SIN together with Eden’s Curse?

Again a very different experience. I’m old fashioned. I like being in a studio with a producer and work in that manner whereas the EC guys prefer to record at home and then bring everything together at Paul Logue’s studio in Glasgow. I always view going to the studio as a bit of an escape so recording at home didn’t always feel natural to me. But as I said before, different methods works for different people, Horses for courses as the saying goes.

When you put Power Quest together again was it easy to find new members to join you?

Well I had already decided I wanted to bring back Paul Finnie (Bass) and Rich Smith (drums) from the previous line up so when I called those guys they were on board straight away. I knew I wanted Ashley Edison to be the new singer and luckily he lives in the same city as me so it was easy for us to meet up and discuss this and luckily he wanted to be in the band as much as I wanted him in the band.

Both Dan and Gavin Owen quit the band last year, why is it so hard to maintain members in Power Quest?

People leave for different reasons and it’s not always musical reasons. Steve Scott left in 2008 because he was moving back home to New Zealand after 10 years of living in London. He’s now married with a young family and living in the Czech Republic. Alessio as I mentioned earlier didn’t want to do power metal anymore. Andrea Martongelli stood down from the band because he didn’t have enough time to do all his teaching and session work and run his own band Arthemis. Francesco Tresca (drums) left the band because he knew I was going to get UK based members in the future and it wouldn’t make sense to have a drummer in Italy with everyone else in the UK.

So you can see for Steve, Alessio, Adam, Andrea, Francesco and Sam it was a case of life taking a different turn and every single one of these guys are still my best firiends in the whole world.

Of course not everyone leaves in that manner but there’s no point in talking about them.

You have to remember also that every member of the band has a full time job. None of us take a wage or any money at all out of the band. It is all recycled into the band to pay for touring, merchandise and whatever else is needed at specific times.

Has it been hard to go all these member changes through the years, have that had any effect on the music writing and the bands music?

Obviously it was tough in 2009 when I was the only man left standing but to be honest, as many people have said, because I’ve always been the main songwriter and the guy running the band I don’t think it’s been too difficult to maintain the PQ identity musically.

Past and present

For the first time the band performed in Sweden at the Sabaton Open Air, how was that? What did you think of the Swedish fans?

SOA was amazing. We had a brilliant slot on the bill in between Dirkschneider and Hammerfall. The whole event is brilliantly organised and it was really great to bump into some old friends there like Bill Hudson and Tommy Johansson for example. The Swedish fans were crazy but I kind of expected that because a bunch of them flew over to see us in London in 2016 so I knew what we were going to be getting hahaha!

You performed the entire WINGS OF FOREVER that turns 15 years at Sabaton Open Air, were you happy with the respond the band got from the fans on the performance?

Absolutely. The response was amazing and this was also the only time we performed this exclusive set so it was truly a special occasion for the band and the fans.

Power Quest also toured in Japan for the first time together with Freedom Call and the Swedish Twilight Force, how was that? How was it to meet the Japanse fans?

I had dreamed of going to Japan to play since I was a kid, so for 30 years or more and I never thought it would actually happen at the age of 45. The festival organisers looked after us so well out there and everything was perfectly organised. The Japanese fans I think are some of the most loyal fans in the world. Me and Rich took a 10 minute walk from the venue in Osaka to a nearby Starbucks but this walk took an hour because so many people wanted us to sign things or have photos with us. It was truly mind blowing.

And how was it to, for the first time, perform at the ProgPower festival in USA?

Another amazing experience. This one especially because we had two stand in guitarists for this show because we couldn’t get visas for Andy and Glyn as they had joined the band too late (April 2017). So Bill Hudson (Dirkschneider/TSO and former PQ member) and Chris Petersen (Cellador) stepped in to help us out. We had no rehearsals with them before the show but still it turned out to be an amazing set. Big props to Bill and Chris for saving our bacon there haha!

During these shows and tours did you try on any new songs?

We didn’t play any new songs in the US as we had already agreed on a kind of greatest hits set with the promoter although we did play Face the Raven. In Japan we played Kings and Glory and this went down very well with the crowd who knew the words already despite the single on being released 2 days before we arrived in Japan

In October the band toured in England as special guest to Dragonforce, how was it to meet the fans at home?

I think the first thing to say is that the UK power metal fans had been looking forward to a DF/PQ tour for probably 15 years yet for some reason our schedules never ever lined up right. I think in some ways that made the tour even more special, perhaps for me especially.

We did 11 shows up and down the country from Glasgow to Dover and each and every one was a real blast and we had a lot of fun hanging out with the fans after the shows and also with the DF guys too.

It’s always a pleasure to meet the UK fans as they, along with the Japanese fans, are what gave us that first initial support back in the early days.

You will also do some headline shows at home is that going to be fun to do? Where in England will you that?

Yeah we’ve not long come back from the headline UK tour which was in the last week of October. It’s always fun to go out and play the small clubs which is what we did in Newcastle, Cardiff and Grimsby before finishing the short run of dates at one of our favourite venues, the Underworld in London.

Are there any plans on touring in 2018?

Already we have some plans in place for the first part of 2018. In February we will do a UK tour with our great friends Freedom Call. It will be great to hang out with Lars, Chris, Ilker and Ramy again. We had a blast with those guys in Japan.

Just before that tour we will make a mainstage appearance at HRH Metal Festival at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, UK.

We are also working on further dates for May 2018 and more for the end of 2018. Lots going on with that side of things.

Does the band have any festival shows booked for the summer?

We don’t have any festival appearances confirmed for the summer of 2018 at the time of writing but of course we are working hard on that side of the touring cycle.

What can you tell us about the video shoot to the song “Lords Of Tomorrow”? The video got until now got clicked 77000 times, congratulations!

Yeah it’s done really well hasn’t it? I think it’s up to about 220,000 views now which is way beyond my wildest expectations. We should have made a video a long time ago and we certainly won’t leave it another 15 years to make another one haha!

Kudos to Doug Anderson of Visceral Video for doing an incredible job with this video. A very talented guy and a real pleasure to work with.

Lords of Tomorrow [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Are there any plans on making any more videos to any of the new songs?

There’s a possibility we may make another video for another new song but there has been no decision made on that front quite yet.

Are you happy with what you have achieved together with Power Quest so far?

I’m definitely very happy with what I’ve achieved since the start of the band. I’m particularly proud because it hasn’t been an easy road but I’m not the kind of person who will take the easy option or sell out for a quick buck. It’s just not the reason I make music. Happiness in life is certainly not driven by financial gain and material wealth.

Are there anything you have regretted doing/not doing with the band so far?

Regret is a strong word and it’s easy to look back and think that maybe some things could have been done differently. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I think every decision I made, rightly or wrongly, has led me to where I am today and I’m very happy with that position right now.

Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy SIXTH DIMENSION?

Of course! Firstly, if you are already a fan of Power Quest then I think you are absolutely going to love this album. Secondly, if you are fan of keyboard heavy power metal and love bands like DragonForce, Sonata Arctica and Freedom Call then this record will be right up your alley. Thirdly, if you like your music to be positive and make you happy then this album will do that for you without doubt.

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t heard the music of Power Quest yet?

I think there’s no doubt that Power Quest won’t be to the liking of everyone. Probably not going to be your thing if you like Machine Head for example. However if you like power metal, hard rock and/or progressive rock/metal then I think you will find something within the Power Quest sound that you may well appreciate.

Well, thanks for taking the time making the interview with me and metal-rules.com! I wish you and the band all the best in the future, do you have any words of wisdom to share with the fans and readers?

Thanks Anders! It’s been a pleasure to talk with you about all things Power Quest related.

I’d like to thank all your readers who have supported me and the band over the years. It’s really appreciated and I hope we can count on your continued support in the years to come. Keep going to shows, keep buy merchandise and keep supporting bands by buying their albums. This isn’t just about PQ but about the whole scene in general. It’s tough to survive out there nowadays, perhaps more so than ever before so it’s vital we keep the live scene burning brightly as it is the key to success and longevity!



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